• Tagatoo App Wants to Make Email More Efficient
    Tagatoo is working on a new Gmail client that aims to help users better manage their email inboxes based on their intent. For example, when an email user wants to compose an email, the app suggest three basic filters: FYI, Quick Question or Action Request. The tool also includes features such as time-specific action requests to help confirm deadlines, which recipients can accept or decline.
  • Email & Facebook Among Words Dying Out Among Kids: Study
    Facebook, email and TV are no longer part of the vocabulary of children, according to new research from Oxford University Press. The publisher found that these words are in decline among kids, as terms like hashtag YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are on the rise. The study also revealed that young people are assigning new meanings to the words hits, shares, notifications, comments, likes and views.
  • How Jeff Bezos Handles Customer Complaint Emails
    If an Amazon customer complains to CEO Jeff Bezos via email, he forwards on the complaint to the appropriate party and simply adds a question mark. The department that gets the email has to jump right on it and solve the issue immediately. Then they'll have to explain what went wrong and how they'll fix the problem moving forward.
  • Yahoo to Face Class Action Suit Over Yahoo Mail Practices
    Yahoo must face a class-action suit which has accused the company of illegally intercepting the content of emails sent to Yahoo Mail subscribers from non-Yahoo Mail accounts, and using the data for advertising purposes. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh is allowing the group to sue Yahoo under the federal Stored Communications Act for alleged privacy violations.
  • Readdle to Launch Email App for iPhone & Apple Watch
    App maker Readdle, the company that makes Scanner Pro and Documents 5, has introduced a new email client for the iPhone and the Apple Watch called Spark. The app is designed to make email management more efficient by allowing users to sort through messages and organize them by sender and importance. The app will go live shortly pending Apple approval.
  • Salesforce Likely Won't Be Sold
    Despite rumors of a Salesforce sale, it is not that likely that the company is going to be acquired. According to reports, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff rejected a $55 billion offer from Microsoft, asking for $70 billion. If this is true, it's likely that Salesforce is just too expensive even for large players like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.
  • Only 23% of Email Subscribers Actually Open Emails
    Almost 23 percent of email subscribers that have opened into an email list open emails from a brand, according to research from Smart Insights. The research also revealed that among these email openers, only 3.26 percent click on the calls-to-action.
  • GoDaddy Launches Email Marketing Tools for SMBs
    Domain registrar service GoDaddy is getting into the email marketing business. The company has launched GoDaddy Email Marketing, an email marketing platform designed to help small businesses reach customers via email. The tool is integrated with the GoDaddy Website Builder, to help make it easier for SMBs to create a holistic customer experience.
  • Cuomo Drops Email Purge Policy
    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has reversed his controversial new email purge policy after receiving political pressure. The emails of New York officials will no longer be automatically deleted after 90 days, Cuomo aides revealed at a public meeting Friday. After reviewing the policies of other states, the administration determined that any email deletion would be manual going forward.
  • State Department Proposes Staggered Release Program for Hillary Emails
    The State Department has suggested a new plan to release a batch of emails sent by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton every 60 days. The next set would go public on June 30. The agency has asked a federal judge to sign off on the plan. "The department is keenly aware of the intense public interest in the documents and wants to get releasable materials out as soon as possible,"explained the filing.
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