• Jeb Bush to Release Book of Emails
    Jeb Bush is releasing the emails that he sent during his tenure as Florida's governor as a book. The book will contain about 250,000 messages that he exchanged with Floridians while in office. The book will be called "Reply All," and is slated for release on Oct. 30.
  • Reuters Employees Get Hit With Massive Reply-All Email Thread
    Thomson Reuters employees suffered an email meltdown this week after a man named Vince started an email thread sent out to 33,000 user inboxes. The recipients began replying all to the message and the employees were bombarded with hundreds of new email messages, causing their actual email to slow down. The company's employees complained about the issue on Twitter under the hashtag #ReutersReplyAllGate.
  • Spam King Pleads Guilty to Facebook Hack & Email Spam
    Sanford Wallace, aka the Spam King, has pleaded guilty to one count of fraud after sending millions of unwanted email messages and breaching Facebook's computer network. Wallace broke into about half a million Facebook user accounts and sent spam emails to the users between November 2008 and March 2009. Wallace faces jail time andis scheduled to be sentenced on December 7th.
  • Dispatch is Now Available as an iPad App
    Email management iOS app Dispatch has a new iPad version. The $6.99 app allows users to triage their inbox to make email more manageable. The app is integrated with 1Password, Asana, Chrome, Evernote, Facetime, Pocket, Reminders and Skypeto help users manage multiple communications in one place.
  • People Spend 6.3 Hours a Day Checking Email: Adobe
    Consumers spend 6.3 hours each weekday checking email, according to a new study from Adobe Systems. The research also revealed that people spent 3.2 hours spent checking work email and 3.1 hours checking personal email. Ninety percent of respondents revealed that they check work email outside of work and look at personal email while at work.
  • Samsung Smart Fridge Vulnerability Could Pose Data Risk to Gmail Users
    Samsung smart fridge owners beware: your Gmail account may be vulnerable to hackers. According to a new test from Pen Test Partners, a security firm that detects vulnerabilities in systems for companies, revealed that the fridge fails to validate Secure Socket Layer certificates, which create secure connections between a Web browser and a server. The researchers were able to gain access to user Gmail data by hacking the appliance.
  • Gmail Now Adds Contents of Emails to Google Calendar
    Google has rolled out a new feature in Gmail that links the email service to Google Calendar more closely. The new feature automatically adds events discussed within a user's Gmail account to their Google Calendar. So for instance, if the user gets a flight confirmation, a hotel booking confirmation or an appointment request via email, the event will automatically be populated on the user's calendar.
  • Government Officials in North Carolina Linked to Ashley Madison
    From local government officials to school system workers, more than a hundred email addresses of North Carolina state employees have been linked to the Ashley Madison website, according to ABC News. This revelation comes after other reports which point to government officials in the UK and Joe Biden's son using the adultery website. In addition, the data which was posted on a Bit Torrent last week, showed that Ashley Madison executives had participated in hacking a competing site.
  • Starbucks CEO's Email to Consumers Gains Attention on Twitter
    Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, sent out an email this week telling employees that consumer confidence might be down amid a stock market drop in China and urged employees to be understanding. "Our customers are likely to experience an increased level of anxiety and concern," he wrote. "Please recognize this and--as you always have--remember that our success is not an entitlement, but something we need to earn, every day."
  • Caroline Kennedy Used Personal Email While Working at State Department
    Caroline Kennedy has been named as one of several other senior American diplomats that have used their personal email accounts while working for the State Department. Steve A. Linick, the inspector general, revealed the news in a report released Tuesday. The report identified cases in which "sensitive but unclassified" information was exchanged via these email accounts.
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