• Email Vendor Selection Releases Email Marketing Buyer's Guide
    EmailVendorSelection.com has released the first edition of its Email Marketing Software Buyer's Guide. The report explores email marketing software technology from 111 email marketing providers, exploring their various assets including: targeting and segmenting, deliverability, multichannel integration and triggered messaging among other attributes.
  • Retention Science Releases Adaptive Lifecycle Email Platform
    Retention Science has released an email marketing program that is aimed at making email marketing more intelligent. The company has entered the market with Adaptive Lifecycle email marketing platform a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help marketers make campaign decisions. The tool automatically segments lists and triggers real-time emails based on a customer's interactions.
  • Most Millennials Open Emails From Retailers: eMarketers
    Email represents 17 percent of the digital marketing budget for retailers and accounts for 24 percent of revenue shares for retailers, according to a new report from eMarketer. The "Retail Email Marketing: Benchmarks and Trends in the US" report also revealed that the majority of young people are active email users. The research revealed that 76 percent of men 18-34 years old open and read promotional emails from retailers and 73 percent of women in that age group do too.
  • Clinton Admits Email Mistake on Meet the Press
    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admitted that her use of a private email account to conduct official business while she was serving as secretary of state has hurt her in the polls. In an interview on Meet the Press, Clinton said: "This is a contest, and it's fair game for people to raise whatever they choose to raise...you know they're not giving this job away. Of course I take responsibility. It was my choice. It was a mistake back when I did it, and I'm trying to do the best I can to answer all of the questions that people …
  • Google to Allow Web Ad Targeting Based on Email Addresses
    Google has released a new product called Customer Match that allows advertisers to upload lists of email addresses and then match them users who are signed into Gmail, Search or YouTube to target ads. The platform will allow advertiser to build campaigns based on these email address lists which are matched against Google's own database of signed-in users. The service rolls out in the next several weeks.
  • Ohio University to Review New Email Policy
    Ohio University is considering adoption a new mass email policy, introducing new restrictions for people trying to send emails to large groups on campus. The policy is designed to keep students and faculty from being barraged by emails, however opponents of the policy are concerned that it violates First Amendment free speech rights. The policy will be reviewed before Ohio University administrators in October.
  • 47% of Email Marketers Consider Analytics Services to be Valuable
    Forty-seven percent of marketers are looking for email agencies to provide analytical services and 45 percent consider strategic services valuable to their organization, according to a report from The Relevancy Group. According to the survey, 91 percent of marketers said that email marketing is an effective channel and 50 to 60 percent of respondents have adopted email marketing value-added services.
  • Chicago Tribune Sues the Mayor of Chicago Over Emails
    The Chicago Tribune has filed a lawsuit against the city's Mayor Rahm Emanuel claiming that he violated open records laws failing when he failed to share his personal emails and text messages, after he used these accounts to conduct official city business. The complaint asks a judge for an injunction to force the Emanuel to produce the documents.
  • Politician in Alabama Fined $5000 For Illegalling Accessing Email List
    A politician in Mobile, Alabama has been hit with a $5,000 fine for allegedly disseminating thousands of private email addresses for a political campaign in 2013. Mobile County License Commissioner Kim Hastie was convicted by a jury for ordering a license commission employee to obtain more than 30,000 email addresses from the license commission's database on a storage drive to be handed over to Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson''s campaign team.
  • FBI Issues Warnings About Spam Emails Targeting Businesses
    The FBI has issued several warnings about different emails scams in circulation. These emails are targeting businesses that work with foreign suppliers and try to trick recipients into sending wire transfer payments. Since January, victims of these scams have increased 270 percent.
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