• Russian Hackers Hacked Podesta's Email: SecureWorks
    The Gmail account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta was hacked by the same Russian hackers that broke into the email of the DNC and the DCCC, according to a new report from security firm SecureWorks. The hackers, known as Fancy Bear, used customized spear-phishing links to attract each target and then encoded their email addresses within them.
  • Trump is Getting Into the Email Newsletter Business
    Rumors are circulating that Donald Trump is trying to parlay his presidential run into a chance to start a right-wing media company that relies on email. According to reports, Trump could use his popularity to develop a recurring email newsletter and monetize the letter with advertising. Trump is already working with LiveIntent to sell ads within his email reach.
  • Email Distractions Lead to Less Productivity
    Hyper-responsiveness to email is making workers less productive. According to UC Irvine researcher Gloria Mark, it takes the average office worker about 20 minutes to return to their work after being interrupted by an email distraction.
  • WikiLeaks Publishes Obama's Personal Email Address
    WikiLeaks has published President Barack Obama's personal email address in its latest dump. The email address, bobama@ameritech.net, was used by Obama during the presidential transition at the end of the 2008 campaign. The address was revealed as an email address that John Podesta communicated with.
  • Career Site The Muse Uses Emails to Build Loyalty
    Online career site The Muse has found that email is the best way to connect with users.
  • Go Daddy Releases New Email Encryption Tools
    In light of email hacks making headlines, GoDaddy has revealed a new email archiving and email encryption option for its customers that use Office 365. The services are aimed at SMBs and will be available as add-on services. The idea is to help SMBs protect their communications from illegal entry.
  • California Mother Shares Rude Email from Expedia
    A mother in California was shocked after she got an email from Expedia that read: "F*** You!" She received the email after taking a survey, in which she complained about an annoying experience (being charged extra for insurance for a lap infant she was flying with). When she received the email, she thought it was a joke.
  • Notion Raises $9.5M for Email App
    Startup Notion has gone public with a new email app and a new $9.5 million in Series A funding. The company's app uses A.I. technology to prioritize the email inbox. The app will feed messages that should be read and responded to first to the top of the inbox.
  • Yahoo Asks US to Explain Email Surveillance Order
    Yahoo is asking the US government to explain why it scanned millions of its users' email accounts. In a letter published on Wednesday, the company asks for answers about why the government asked certain Yahoo officials to build this surveillance system that scanned all incoming emails for a specific list of people.
  • Apple Chief Was Considered as Clinton's VP Pick
    Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Tim Cook made Hillary Clinton's long list for potential VP, according to emails leaked by WikiLeaks. The emails included a list of 39 potential running mates. The Clinton campaign did not comment on the emails and Apple declined to comment on the revelations.
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