• The Six Rules Of A/B Testing
    A/B testing can help you determine which elements of your email marketing campaign are working. But there are rules to follow. For one, test only one creative change at a time. For another, your results must be statistically significant. 
  • A Day In The Life Of An Email Deliverability Consultant
    Mary Beth Woods, a deliverability consultant for Ometria, says her job is to help retail marketers get into the inbox. “Marketers sometimes think that deliverability involves sitting in a cupboard playing with server racks, but success in deliverability is a combination of technical factors and sending best practices,” Woods comments. 
  • Final Hearings Set For Comments On CCPA
    The California Attorney General's office has scheduled four public hearings to gather comments on the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The hearings are set for the first week of December, and the public comment period closes on Dec. 6. 
  • Why B2B Brands Should Welcome Customer Reviews
    Regardless of how they are delivered, customer reviews are essential for B2B brands. Here are some suggestions on how to run a review program, one involving all departments whose work affects the customer experience. 
  • How To Make Email Work This Holiday Season
    Email marketing should be front of mind as we enter the 2019 holiday season. Here are tips from Forrester on how to make email sing in Q4. For one, make it easy for people to register. For another, emphasize deliverability. 
  • Email Extortion Is Exploding, Study Says
    Cryptocurrency email extortion is on the rise, according to a study presented at the Advances in Financial Technology conference in Zurich. The extortion process is quick, easy and very lucrative, the study says. 
  • KPIs For Tracking Email Marketing Performance
    Almost three-fourths of email marketers rate their ROI as excellent or good. Here are 14 KPIs that brands can use to track their email performance from conversions to list growth.
  • 25 Email Marketing Stats You Need To Know
    Did you know that personalization and dynamic content were the main email design trends of 2019? Or that sending three cart abandonment reminders works better than a single email? These are among 25 email marketing statistics you need to know heading into 2020.   
  • Twilio Stock Share Price Falls By 32%
    Twilio shares are down 32% from a high of $151 in June. Traders, while high on Twilio’s new Flex product earlier this year, cooled after Q2 results were released.   
  • Email Marketing For Restaurant Franchises
    Social media may get the buzz, but email can be more productive for restaurant franchises. Here are the steps you need to take to build an email marketing program for your restaurant. 
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