• Real Estate Mogul Victimized In Phishing Scam
    New York City real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran lost almost $400,000 after her bookkeeper fell for an email phishing scam. A cyber criminal sent an invoice to the bookkeeper seeking payment for a renovation, using the name of Corcoran’s assistant. 
  • An Email Primer For Small Business Startups
    Email marketing may look confusing to small business owners starting out. Syed Balkhi, the founder of WPBeginner, a WordPress resource site, provides an email primer for beginners.    
  • Tips For Creating An Effective Welcome Email
    First impressions count, especially in email. Christine Telyan, CEO and co-founder of tech startup UENI, offers tips on how to create an effective welcome email, starting with having a clear offer. 
  • Deep Learning Helps Google Block Malware: Analysis
    Google’s deep learning detection tools have helped it block 99% of malicious Gmail malware. Here is an analysis of how deep learning has helped bolster email security. 
  • 10 Email Content Writing Tips
    Emails must be relevant, clearly written and personalized. But many content writers have still not learned all this. Here are 10 tips for writing effective email marketing content.
  • Don't Let Your Emails Go Into The Trash Bin
    Are your marketing emails ending up in the trash bin? Maybe you’re one of those people who assumes that it’s cost-effective if even one person in a thousand responds. Jeff Fleischman, CMO at Altimetrik, explains why the real cost is in lost opportunity.  
  • Salesforce Acquires Vlocity; Co-CEO Block Is Leaving Post
    Salesforce has acquired CRM provider Vlocity for $1.33 billion in an all-cash deal. In addition, Salesforce says its co-CEO Keith Block is stepping down.  
  • Repurposing Your Greatest Content Hits In Email
    Can brands learn anything about content marketers from Cher? Apparently, yes. Here is a guide to repurposing your greatest content hits in email. 
  • Email Still Works For Reaching Older Consumers: Study
    Email remains a potent marketing tool for reaching people age 45 and over, according to an analysis from the UK’s Data and Marketing Association (DMA). Most people in that category check their emails at least once a day. 
  • How To Use Email Marketing In 2020
    Email marketing remains a relevant tool. But it must be used creatively. Here’s a primer on how to get the most out of the channel in the new year and decade.
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