• A Guide To Toning Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns
    Take a look at your inbox, and you’ll see that email remains a popular marketing channel. Validity’s Chris Hyde discusses where email is today, how it got there and what you can do to improve your email campaigns.  
  • Gmail and iOS: The Best Apple Rumor?
    Bloomberg reports that Apply may allow apps like Gmail and Chrome to be set up as iOS defaults. Here’s an analysis of why it’s a good idea, along with an overview of other reports and rumors regarding Apple. 
  • Seven B2B Lead Generation Tools
    Smart B2B marketers are using lead-generation tools to capture leads and manage the process. Here are seven such tools from which to choose. MediaPost does not offer any endorsements. 
  • Transactional Email Is The Key In a Post-Cookie World
    Google is phasing out cookies. New laws are coming in. Brands should turn to that customer engagement powerhouse: transactional emails. SparkPost’s April Mullen explains why retention is the new acquisition — and how to exploit that fact.  
  • GDPR Protection Will Continue Even If Google Moves UK Data To The U.S.: Lawyer
    Reports say that Google will move its UK users’ data to the U.S. following Brexit because of uncertainty over whether UK law will be aligned with the GDPR. But an attorney says it won’t happen, and that even if it did, consumer rights will continue to be protected under GDPR.  
  • 12 Ways To Balance Privacy And The Customer Experience
    Consumers are more aware of the need to protect their personal data, and there are laws to help them do it. How does a brand balance privacy and the customer experience? Here are 12 tips from the Forbes Experience Council, ranging from not using third-party data to sending out fewer surveys.
  • What Ecommerce Brands Need In An Email Marketing Tool
    Ecommerce brands have many new features at their disposal, thanks to improvements in technology. Litmus outlines the essential features needed in an email marketing platform.
  • OneTrust Raises $210 Million In Series B Funding
    Compliance firm OneTrust has secured $210 million in a Series B funding round led by Coatue and Insight partners. This brings the total financing raised to $410 million at a $2.7 billion valuation.  
  • A Content Marketing Primer For Manufacturers
    Content marketing has many moving pieces, including sales, traditional tactics and brand evangelism. Here is a primer for manufacturers, including advice on how to deploy email. 
  • Designing Email For Mobile Devices
    With 54.58% of web traffic coming from handheld devices, email should be scaled down for mobile. Here are tips on how to do it.  
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