• Don't Use Email As An ATM -- It's Not A Conversion Vending Machine
    Customers should not be viewed as members of segments, but as individuals. And email should not be used as an ATM — it’s not a conversion vending machine. Brands should build relationships that don’t lead to trust overdrafts. 
  • The Power Of Personalization: 50 Stats
    Consumers are surrounded by marketing personalization every day. Here are 50 statistics that show the power and potential of this capability.  
  • PPC And Email Are Best Used Together
    The main goal of most marketers is to garner as many good leads as possible. This goal can best achieved combining tools — for example, email marketing and pay-per-click (PPC). Here’s how to create a multi-level marketing strategy. 
  • LinkedIn Shutters Sales Navigator Gmail Extension
    LinkedIn is shutting down its Sales Navigator Gmail extension. This is a seen as a blow to social media marketers. Here’s an analysis of why.  
  • 9 Email Marketing Basics
    Email marketing produces a high ROI, and is becoming increasingly complex. But there are certain best practices that cannot be overlooked. Here is a primer on nine email marketing basics. 
  • Ohio Town Says Its Email System Was Hacked
    Avon Lake, Ohio’s email system, was hacked last week. And the town is working with its service vendor Constant Contact to deal with the situation, starting with the temporary shutdown of the email program.
  • Video's Place In Email Marketing In 2020
    Email marketers are now embracing video. Here are the five benefits of video, and some best practices for getting started. 
  • Experts Predict: What's Next For Attribution
    With the cookie on a death watch, attribution will now be based on identity resolution and more holistic approaches to measurement. Here are the forecasts of 11 experts. 
  • Ghislaine Maxwell Served With Lawsuit Via Email: Report
    Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged former girlfriend of  pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been served with a lawsuit via email. Judge Debra Freeman took the unusual step because Maxwell could not be located, a report states. 
  • How To Create Onboarding Email Newsletters
    The welcome email newsletter helps create a comfortable environment for new subscribers. Here are tips on how to create onboarding newsletters, from subject lines to design.
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