• Why Brands Should Automate Their Email
    Businesses can get in a rut by not automating certain tasks to free up their creative time. For example, they should create a series of marketing emails, to send out automatically on a pre-planned schedule. 
  • Email Best Practices At The Wall Street Journal
    The Wall Street Journal now considers the inbox as a platform, like Apple News, Facebook and Instagram. Here are the best practices observed at the Journal to ensure that email is always delivered. 
  • Case Study: Second Lab Boosts ROI With Personalized Campaign
    Second Lab, a mobile app maker has boosted its marketing ROI with a personalized email campaign, working with Linden Lab. Here’s a case study of how this was achieved. 
  • UK Launches Phishing Email Reporting Service
    The UK’s National Cyber Security Center had launched what it calls a Suspicious Email Reporting Service, in response to a barrage of COVID-19-themed phishing attacks. The service was developed in partnership with the City of London police. 
  • How And Why To Send Empathetic Emails During COVID-19 Crisis
    People are anxious about the pandemic, so marketing emails have to be empathetic and reassuring. That requires a serious tone and a positive outlook. And don’t make crisis messages transactional.     
  • Tips For Creating Interactive Email Newsletters
    Interactive email newsletters are one of the top trends of 2020. They outpace gif-based solutions in establishing credibility and providing customers with a chance to join the action. Here’s a how-to, along with examples.  
  • Study: UK Consumers Prefer Display Ads, Not Emails, In COVID-19 Crisis
    British consumers are less overwhelmed by display ads than they are by emails and social media ads, according to a New study from Epsilon-Conversant and CJ Affiliate. The research shows that 47% feel they are receiving too many emails.
  • Pandemic Isn't Stopping These Massachusetts Companies From Hiring
    Out of a job in Massachusetts? A study shows that 62% of businesses are hiring. Here’s a listing of firms in tech, marketing and related fields with openings to fill. 
  • Email Drip Campaigns Are Meant To Motivate Leads, Not Annoy Them
    This is no time to be annoying leads with excessive emails. Drip campaigns use marketing automation to trigger emails based on actions—like filling out a form, downloading content or visiting a product page.
  • Case Study: How A Dry Cleaner Uses Email Marketing
    AYRA Cleaners, a California dry-cleaning chain, uses email to stay in touch with customers. But it’s critical to change the promotion for every mailing, says Sassan Rahimzadeh, president. 
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