• The Climate Toll Of Unnecessary Emails
    Email has a low carbon footprint. But even that modest impact could be an issue during the UN’s COP26 climate in Glasgow next year. Climate scientists have warned that unnecessary emails take a toll. 
  • Seven Tips For Sending Holiday Emails
    Brands are headed for one of the most profitable times of the year — that is, if their marketing makes the grade. Email can help. Here are seven ways to get your customers to read your holiday emails. 
  • The New Email Marketing And How It Improves The Customer Experience
    Email marketing has moved from being a one-size-fits-all solution to a tool that can provide a better customer experience. Here are the principles of Email Marketing 2.0.  
  • The Limitations Of iOS Widgets
    Google has updated its Gmail application for iOS with a new widget. But the move highlights the problems with iOS widgets.
  • How Good Are The Research Sources Used By B2B Tech Buyers?
    B2B technology buyers rely on vendor websites and product demos when mulling purchases, according to a study by TrustRadius. But how trustworthy are they? Here are some findings about B2B information sources used by buyers. 
  • Email Unsubscribe Rates Are A Key Performance Indicator
    Email marketers do not usually monitor why subscribers unsubscribe. But they need to track and benchmark unsubscribe rates as key performance indicators.  Here’s a guide to h
  • Tips For Email Marketing During The Pandemic
    Data hygiene and personalization are essential for email marketers during the digital landscape that has been transformed by COVID-19. Here are tips on what a brand needs to succeed. 
  • A Guide To Using Email And Instagram Together
    Instagram is the platform to use for reaching users worldwide. And email is a channel for building intimate relationships with customers, sending targeted messages, and capturing conversions. Here are seven ways they can work together. 
  • Deleted Emails Keep Reappearing In Outlook Inboxes, Microsoft Works On A Fix
    Microsoft is trying to fix a malfunction in Outlook that causes deleted emails to reappear. The company says it is “investigating the problem to find a solution.”
  • Google Offers New Settings To Help Gmail Users Control Data Use
    Google is rolling out two settings that allow consumers to control the flow of Gmail data. One allows account holders to deploy — or disable — smart features like automatic email categorization. In addition, Gmail users can decide whether Chat, Meet and Gmail data can be used to personalize Assistant, Maps, Google Pay, and Travel.
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