• How Substack Works For Email Newsletter Readers
    Substack, an email subscription service for newsletters, may be the refresher needed for everybody’s inboxes. Here is an analysis of how it works. 
  • COMB Said To Be The Biggest Data Breach Of All Time
    Billions of email addresses and password combinations have been leaked in the Compilation of All Breaches (COMB), comprising a gargantuan file for hackers. Most internet users have probably been exposed.   
  • A Ranking Of Email Marketing Software Tools
    Which is the best email marketing software? Benzinga attempts to answer that question with this listing of products. 
  • Why Email Marketers Should Adopt BIMI
    BIMI is a new standard that can help email marketers avoid being tagged as spammers. Yet not every firm has adopted it. Here’s why they should in 2021. 
  • Older Consumers Are Among The Most Likely To Be Victimized By Malicious Emails
    Older people, Australians and users of both desktops and mobile devices are most likely to be victims of malicious email attacks, Google says. Also at risk are those whose data was exposed by a third-party breach.
  • Email Planning For Unforeseen Events
    Email marketers sometimes have to pivot very quickly on strategy. Here is a guide to how to plan for the un-plannable.
  • Text Is Catching On With Retail Marketers
    Consumers will soon be getting more text messages from retailers. Here’s an analysis of why, and tips on how brands can use the channel. 
  • Email Automation Can Help You In B2B
    Email automation plays a key role in B2B lead generation. But marketers have to know to use it. Here is a guide to email marketing for B2B brands. 
  • Three Ways To Use Email In A Crisis
    Email is an effective channel during times of stress, driving customer engagement and sales — if you provide incentives. Here are three reasons to plan an email campaign, with tips on how to do so. 
  • How AI Helps Email Marketing Campaigns
    AI technology can work wonders for email marketing campaigns. But marketers have to know how to use it. Here are some suggestions to help them.   
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