• Consumers Instructed On How To Remove 'Junk' Emails
    Here are some tactics for consumers whose inboxes are stuffed with promotional emails and newsletters. First, they should search for common phrases like “unsubscribe” and “welcome” — and eliminate those. This constitutes a threat to email marketing. 
  • Email Tracking Is Widespread, Report Says
    Most emails contain some form of tracking, which can tell senders if the email was opened, who it was forwarded to and how long it was read. Even savvy users may not realize that emails are “spying” on them. 
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing
    Email outperforms other channels in driving ROI, acquisition and retention. Here are stats to prove it, and tips on how you can use email marketing.
  • Critics Say Use Of Tracking Pixels In Emails Has Gone Too Far
    Tracking pixels in emails are an increasing privacy concern. The so-called spy pixels can inform a marketer when an email has been read, the number of times, device usage and the IP addressed linked to the consumer’s location. 
  • How To Choose An Email Platform: A Guide For SMBs
    Small businesses and email novices in general are often confused by the plethora of platforms now available. Here is an infographic that explains the process of choosing one and offers tips on the power of email marketing. 
  • Brands List Their Most Important Email Optimizations
    Personalization, testimony designs and welcome/thank you messages are important email optimizations, marketers say. Here are the findings from Ascend2.
  • BEC Attacks The Biggest Risk To Banks: Survey
    Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are the greatest business risk to banks, according to 86% of survey respondents. The second greatest risk is account takeovers. 
  • UK Businesses Now Burdened With Two GDPR Laws
    UK businesses must now adhere to two data privacy laws instead of one following Brexit: UK GDPR covering people in the UK and EU GDPR for consumers in the EU. Here is an analysis of what that will entail.      
  • How A/B Testing Works In Email Marketing
    A/B testing, a venerable direct mail practice, can also help with email marketing. It lets the marketer see which iterations of the same content drive the most engagement.  
  • Yandex Says It Caught Employee Selling Access To Inboxes
    Yandex, a Russian search engine, disclosed that it had caught an employee selling access to user email accounts. The company is now notifying the owners of the 4,887 compromised mailboxes.   
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