• Why The Internet Doesn't Matter Anymore
    The battle cry that has been resonating throughout the Internet world was that "video was theirs" once net neutrality passed and bandwidth increased. It made for a fairy tale story complete with villains, heroes, and buffoons. During the depths of the recession many of those that owned TV content came to believe in these doomsday predictions, with a few even protecting their downside by investing in Hulu.
  • How To Get Those Opt-In Video Views
    I recently wrote about what goes into a great social video. In that article I mentioned that distribution is as important as a video's content. This time round, I thought I'd expand on that thought by exploring various placement options and how they affect people's perceptions of the video.
  • What Has Video Done For Us Lately?
    Andy Plesser was kind enough to invite me to speak last week at Beet.TV conference on a panel with Kevin Krim, Global Head at Bloomberg and Bismarck Lepe, Ooyala founder and president of products. We were fortunate to open the event on a day when the panels following discussed topics such as video strategies, things publishers do, what works, what's not and -- is Hulu a mega-web failure or not?
  • Online Video: How To Break Through The Clutter And Build An Audience
    Every day, more than 150 years worth of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook. Thirty-six hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute. People no longer need convincing that online video has exploded, but now, more than ever, Web series creators need a well-executed strategy to break through the clutter and build an audience. Here's how to do it.
  • What Music Videos Can Learn From Ad-Funded Original Programming
    What do music videos and ad-funded original programming have in common? If the latest videos from two of the most popular artists in the world, Britney Spears and Dr. Dre, are any indication -- more than you think.
  • Viral, Online Video, Social Media... It's All About Selling Stuff
    Our agency gets calls all the time from people looking for a wide variety of things, including viral marketing, online video content, social media, and even bulk quantities of sodium bisulfate -- since, we've been told, we are also listed in the Yellow Pages as a chemical company. Of all the calls I've taken, not a a single person has led off with "I need you to help me sell more [insert product or service]." The reason that's strange, I think, is that every brand, product, service and business wants and needs the same thing: to sell more stuff.
  • Think Like A Viewer To Create A Valuable Video Content Business
    Does video content represent a cost unit or a profit center? Does it matter? In some ways, no. But as with everything on the Internet, invariably the question to succeed boils down to a matter of "how to scale."
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