• Is B2B Really Ready For Social Media Marketing?
    Is B2B (business to business) really ready for social media marketing? The short answer is "no." The long answer "is almost. Let's just say that generally speaking, these kinds of companies are "social media curious." My agency gets a lot of B2B inquiries from marketing, sales and PR executives with companies that are genuinely interested in "doing something a little different -- you know, funny and more edgy." Half the time they chicken out and go back to whatever they were doing before they called us, which usually includes sleep-inducing product videos and downloadable PDFs that they will no doubt …
  • Backwards To The Future
    It seems like over the last several years, in every major interview, the same general questions are being asked of entertainment executives: “Where do you see the future of television?” “How is digital media going to impact programming?” “What’s next for digital and entertainment?” All major conferences or events I’ve attended have addressed these topics through multiple sessions. While it may seem that these questions were on everyone’s mind only in recent years, it’s fascinating to take a step back and see that the reverse is true. 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of the Television Academy Foundation’s Archive …
  • Increasing Control: The Rise Of The Gated Community
    For every media outlet, there can only be one lead story. And, for all of the growth that's happened in the online video industry over the last decade, there's little argument that in terms of overall buzz, advancements in social networking regularly edge us out. Twitter facilitated revolutions throughout the Middle East; online video showed us the gritty aftermath. Facebook transformed the way people interact with one another; YouTube proved that one small child getting his finger bitten by an even smaller child could bring precious seconds of entertainment to millions. I'll throw my name into the large pool of …
  • Mobile Had Its iPhone Moment -- What Is Online Video's Watershed Event?
    Last week I was talking to fellow entrepreneur Sorosh Tavakoli from Videoplaza, who told me that we've yet to see the online video world's equivalent of mobile's iPhone moment. That got me thinking: If the iPhone was mobile's breakthrough, what will be online video's watershed event? And will that event be technology- or content-driven?
  • Connected TV: A Viable Ad-Supported Business Model?
    Always on the lookout for emerging business models in the advertising-supported T/V (Television/Video) space, I became aware of efforts underway by a company called Videology (previously known as TidalTV) to develop just such a model for connected TV.
  • 2012: The Year Of The (Video) Dragon
    If you are involved in the video space, then you know what I'm talking about. Previously, video was cool but it was not "it" just yet. However, 2012 has arrived, and now video is becoming "it."
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