• HTML5 Video Closing Gaps To Dominate Online Video Distribution
    As more companies and viewers consume online video, content producers recognize the need for a standard way to get their content to all viewers on many platforms. HTML5 traditionally had limitations with certain use cases, but it's rapidly closing these gaps to become the primary platform for online video distribution.
  • Adap.tv Sale: Reminder To Focus On Where The Puck's About To Go
    Last week, AOL bought Adap.tv for $405 million. If the history of online video is any indication, then right now, in management meetings and boardrooms, executives and investors are asking themselves: "What the hell does Adap.tv do -- and how can we change our business to do that?"
  • Content, Context Or Audience?
    As time spent on digital platforms, with a focus on video, begins to surpass time spent on television, what's the best sell-side and buy-side approach? Content, context and audience all carry some value in the assessment of digital video opportunities, but much like measuring television, captive audience is still the most reliable valuation metric.
  • Adding Video To Growth Options Won't Guarantee Success
    Video is a no-brainer for companies wishing to drive audience engagement and revenues, be they advertisers, publishers or technology companies. So how can publishers successfully tap into this growing video opportunity?
  • Report: Social Media, SEO, Integrated Marketing Key to YouTube Success
    The number of views for brand-created content on YouTube is growing 73% year over year, which means both that brands are comfortable marketing on the world's biggest site -- but also that competing for share of voice will get harder as YouTube grows more crowded. Already the top 100 brands have staked their claim on YouTube, and on average they're publishing about 78 videos per month. Bear in mind that media companies are producing the bulk of the new videos, however most of the top 100 brands have a strong presence on YouTube, according to a just-released report from Pixability, …
  • YouTube Subscriptions Are Shifting Media Power Structure
    ouTube has 382 millionaires. That is, 382 channels with more than 1 million subscribers. Yes, I know what you're thinking: 1) how many are active, 2) how little revenue each one generates. But hear me out. Last year there were fewer than 100 channels with over 1 million subscribers, but thanks to a 300% growth in subscribers on the site, the number is rising fast.
  • The Seven Ages Of Apps
    The Baby Boomers are aging. Their parents are already aged. Those in the sixth and particularly the seventh age are experiencing diminished faculties of sight, sound and touch. They are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the country and they have money -- more money than the 20something living in the basement. However, we still design almost all digital products for the 20something.
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