• Bridging Programmatic Buying With Video Content
    Think about video ad buying: it's usually coordinated through a buyer with very specific criteria in mind. Think about programmatic ad buying: it can be executed on a tight turnaround, without the use of an intermediary. It requires availability at scale and data overlaid on that scale to yield optimal results. If presented with nothing more than the information above, you might think that programmatic video buying would be impossible. But in fact, programmatic buying of premium inventory such as online and location-based video (and one day maybe even connected cars and digital billboards) is not just possible -- but …
  • Video Tips For Marketers' Shift To Branded Content
    Branded content has quickly become more vital to marketers, and now about 79% of them say they are shifting into this area. Many are staking their claim via video, says online video platform Ooyala in a new report.
  • How Much Could I Save With OTT VOD Plan Rather Than Bundled Cable?
    Today I am channeling my "inner Milennial" by doing an exercise to determine what would be a more financially responsible choice for my personal T/V viewing: OTT (over-the-top) options where I build my own unbundled VOD programming system, or the traditional, bundled cable television subscription I've habitually had since the 1980s.
  • Video Content's Evolution
    Recently, while reading about Amazon's new Web series, I had a flashback moment to 2004, when we addressed the Internet's potential influence on video content, whether we'd be "leaning forward or leaning back", and other issues of the unknown. These discussions focused on the new storytelling, how the structure of the story would change, be it interactive stories or cat videos as new forms of entertainment. Looking back, it's clear that theories got it all wrong. Technology doesn't drive storytelling. The same content formats have existed for 75 years, since TV's early days.
  • TV And Digital Video: Match Made In Media Heaven
    Advertising pundits tend to talk about television and online video as an either-or choice. In fact, it's much more productive to discuss them from a "both" perspective.
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