• CTV's Share Of Video Ad Impressions Surpassed 40% In Q1
    CTV's share was up 17% versus Q4 2020, and at its highest level since 2019.
  • SVOD Subscriptions To Increase 65%, To Nearly 1.5B, By 2026
    The average subscriber will pay for 2.14 SVOD services, according to a forecast by Digital TV Research. Subscription growth peaked last year, with the addition of 201 million subscriptions.
  • IAB: Per-Advertiser CTV Spend Leapt 22% In 2020, 35% Expect To Increase CTV This Year
    This year, video buyers say they will spend 56% of their total video budgets on digital video (desktop, mobile, CTV), significantly surpassing linear TV's share of 41%.
  • Consumers Say Digital Video, CTV Ads Influence Travel Decisions
    Professionally produced ads were found to be more effective in driving travel-related actions than UGC in a survey from SSP Magnite.
  • Video Streaming Churn Up 85%, Gen Z Prefers Games Over TV And Movies
    The good news: Just 3% of those cancelling video services are not replacing one service with another, according to Deloitte's Digital Media Trends survey.
  • Disgust And Positive Sentiments Both Drive Video Ad Sharing: Groundbreaking Study
    In the first large-scale study of facial expressions used to study emotions, and their relationship to video ad sharing, sadness depressed response, but disgust, along with pleasurable emotions, increased sharing.
  • Pluto TV Ad Revenue +78% in 2020, On Track For $1B+ By 2022: eMarketer
    Pluto TV and other free, ad-supported streaming services will face greater competition for subs and advertising as fragmentation increases, however.
  • Disney+ Rivals Netflix On Loyalty In New Survey
    Among U.S. consumers who report adding streaming services during the pandemic, 77% say they will definitely keep Disney+, while just 7% say they will definitely drop it.
  • Password Sharing 'Costs' Streamers $25B Per Year In Potential Revenue, $6B for Netflix: Analyst
    However, such theoretical revenue estimates don't account for the potentially significant financial risks in alienating the subscriber base.
  • Free Streaming Trials Continue To Dwindle: Sling TV Latest To Curtail The Offer
    Amid mounting competition and costs, free trials are increasingly being dropped or curtailed by streamers looking to improve stickiness and their bottom lines.
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