• Disney+ Faces Content Challenges As Coming Rivals, And Now COVID-19, Ramp Up Pressure
    Disney will need to optimize the performance not just of Disney+ but Hulu and its TV networks -- the businesses that should offer opportunity to offset the serious hits from the virus to its crucial theme parks, cruise line and theatrical movie businesses.
  • Netflix Still 'Most Indispensable,' But Disney+ Already Making Strides
    A study by Hub Research also confirms that original content is a major perception advantage for Netflix -- and that perceptions of streamer and network brands are considerably more key in driving viewing behavior than viewers realize or care to admit.
  • Malvertising Levels Down In 2019; IBVs Petering Out
    The overall level of malicious and low-quality programmatic impressions is down vs. 2018, and in-banner video ads have plummeted over the past eight quarters, reports Confiant.
  • Header Bidding Driving Publishers' Video Monetization Strategies
    Publishers report that programmatic -- and header bidding in particular -- are key as they push to optimize their video advertising across all platforms. Mobile and CTV/OTT are viewed as the fastest-growth opportunities, despite app development challenges.
  • Millennials Favor Facebook, Instagram; TikTok Is Least-Used
    Millennials -- particularly women -- are heavy Instagram users, but like other age groups, Facebook is their most-used platform. Seventy percent use Facebook daily vs. 70% for Instagram and 66% for YouTube. Just 28% use TikTok daily.
  • Q4 Streaming Hours Up 58% YoY, Social's Importance Grows In News, Sports Views
    Streaming hours were up 58% globally and up 63% in the Americas in the period, and 24% of all streaming time took place on mobile devices, reports Conviva.
  • Has SVOD Adoption Plateaued?
    In U.S. broadband households, SVOD adoption has plateaued at 71%, according to new research from Parks Associates. But the report also found that total average per-week video consumption, including TV, was up 33% in 2019.
  • Is Netflix Dancing Fast Enough? Imminent Q4 Results Will Tell
    Analysts generally now seem optimistic that Netflix will continue to grow and improve its earnings performance over the long term, despite the mounting competition.
  • Streamers Take Note: Even Bingeing Has Its Limits
    Recent survey results indicate that new streaming services would be wise to try to control long-term consumer expectations -- and fit with their actual viewing habits -- by avoiding a fire-hose approach to releasing content.
  • TheTake, LG And Networks Bow AI-Powered Shoppable TV
    The on-demand capability, available on 2020 LG webOS smart TVs, can identify hundreds of millions of products and tag them to thousands of retailers, for purchase via mobile phone.
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