• Google Ignores Dots In Gmail Accounts
    The dots in Gmail addresses are unimportant. Google does not recognize characters and periods in Gmail addresses. It will also ignore a plus sign.
  • SEC Issues Guidelines On Data Breach Disclosure
    The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an “interpretive guidance” encouraging U.S. firms to disclose data breaches in a responsible way. It warns executives against trading securities before they reveal a breach. 
  • Marketing's Role In GDPR
    It is second nature for to handle sensitive customer data when generating new campaigns and events. But it may not be second nature to consider the privacy implications. Here’s why that will change. 
  • How And Why To Send Abandoned Cart Emails
    It may be impossible to eliminate abandoned carts, but you can lure shoppers back by emailing them about the products they’ve left in their carts. That means you have to capture their email address at some point in the proces. 
  • Kaspersky Lab Sees Almost 250 Million Phishing Tries In 2017
    Kaspersky Lab says it detected almost 250 million phishing redirection attempts in 2017. That was over 91 million more than it saw in 2016.  
  • Email Marketing Can Help Boost Search
    There’s no direct connection between email and search engines such as Google. But it’s possible to improve your website ranking through email marketing. 
  • Email Drives Consumers to Visit Sites And Buy, Study Says
    A report shows that  over 26% of American consumers will visit a brand’s website or make a purchase as the result of an email campaign--especially millennials. Much of that activity is taking place on mobile devices.
  • Test, Test And Test Some More
    Companies should test everything, from the header to the subject line to the price to the timing. An entrepreneur explains why.  
  • Email Addresses Used in Yelp Attribution Test
    Yelp used email addresses to conduct an attribution test with Canadian restaurant chain Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill. It matched the email addresses of registered Yelp users with those provided by guests to access WiFi in the restaurants. Yelp determined that 12,500 Yelp users saw ads for Jack Astor’s, and that 30% of these customers were new to the chain. Jack Astor’s realized $110 in revenue for each dollar spent on Yelp advertising. 
  • Personalization Can't Work Without Identity: Expert
    Marketers sending personalized messages must be able to deterministically identify large percentages of online visitors. But cookie-based solutions and the ‘out-of-the-box’ services provided by ESPs are not enough, according to Craig Belhumeur, a vice president at 4Cite.
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