• Consumers Aren't Sure When Influencers Have Been Paid: UK Survey
    Over 80% of UK consumers distrust influencers because it is not clear when they have been paid to promote a product, according to a survey by Savvy Marketing. However, 54% of millennial beauty buyers say they have been swayed by influencers.
  • How Martech Changed This Year
    Foldable screens, reality-plus and the use of AI in customer service are among the martech trends that took hold in 2018. Here are the big moves made by marketing technology vendors. 
  • Email Writing Tips For B2B Sales Teams
    Businesspeople are overwhelmed with email. Here are tips for writing B2B promotions that stand out in the inbox.  
  • New Privacy Rules Are In The Offing In the U.S.
    National privacy regulations are on the way with the approval of both the public and the tech giants. Here is an update on why a GDPR-type law could be passed in the U.S. 
  • Marketing Predictions For 2019
    This year’s patterns suggest some of the trends that will take hold in 2019. As the marketing funnel shifts, expect content, AI and Voice to grow in importance.
  • Official's Email List Was Used In Phishing Blast
    A Maryland official’s email list was used to send phishing emails pretending to be from Netflix. Howard county executive Calvin Ball has apologized to the 35,000 recipients, about 2% of whom clicked on the link. 
  • It's Time For A Holiday Flash Sale Email
    Retailers can boost year-end revenue with a holiday flash sale that rewards their best customers. Emails promoting the sale should be sent to buyers who are most likely to open and click on messages. 
  • Chicago Candidate Sends Email About Convicted Killer
    Chicago mayoral candidate Toni Preckwinkle has sent an email demanding justice for Cynthia Brown, who received a life sentence for killing a sexual abuser at age 16. However, the email provides no means for helping Brown — it only asks for funds for Preckwinkle’s campaign. 
  • Microsoft Pressures Users To Switch To App
    Microsoft wants users to switch to its Outlook Mobile apps when  setting up their email account on a device. It will hold their email for ransom if they stay with the native app. 
  • Email Tips For Massage Professionals
    Massage therapists use email marketing, too. Here are six tips on how these small business owners can improve their email results. 
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