• How To Personalize Across All Channels
    It’s one thing to personalize emails. It’s another to achieve personalization across all channels. 4Cite’s Bob Gaito offers pointers on how to engage shoppers with relevant messaging no matter where they are. 
  • How Email Personalization Can Help Banks
    Email and web personalization and can have a huge impact on marketing by financial institutions. Here are five ways personalization can help banking brands.  
  • Three Bad Email Marketing Mistakes
    Thanks to the bombardment of emails, even one small mistake can drive loyal customers away. Here are three errors to avoid: Not sending a welcome email,  starting too late and not following through on promises. 
  • Getting Ready For GDPR-Outside of Europe
    The impact of GDPR is rapidly spreading across the globe. Many countries outside Europe are planning similar laws and so are American states such as California, which has a new privacy act taking effect next January. Here is a roundup on global compliance.  
  • Abortion Debate Moves North Of Border In Canadian Email
    Canadian Liberals sent a fundraising email last week, blasting Conservative MPs who attended an anti-abortion rally. The email accuses them of “trying to roll back women’s rights.” 
  • Microsoft Upgrades Its Outlook App For Android
    Microsoft has updated its Outlook app for Android. Users can add their inbox and calendar to their home screen, and an email shortcut for accessing specific accounts.   
  • Businesses Fear Impact of Citizenship Question On Census
    The Trump administration’s plan to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census has business leaders worried. For Nielsen, which filed a brief with the Supreme Court, the issue is about “sound research and science,” an executive says. 
  • How To Reach Generation Z By Email
    Gen Z, the first generation of digital natives, is open to email marketing. But there are several things to keep in mind, one of which is that they use their phones for everything and are active in all channels. Here’s how to create a Gen Z-friendly email marketing strategy. 
  • Malware Ring Charged In Europe And The U.S.
    A multinational phishing ring is being prosecuted by authorities in Europe and the U.S. The alleged cyber criminals used GozNym malware to steal $100 million. Ten people have been charged. 
  • White House Seeks To Add Tech Bias Complainants To Email Newsletter List
    The White House is asking for the email addresses of individuals who share stories of social media bias against conservatives on a new portal. “We want to keep you posted on President Trump's fight for free speech,” it says. “Can we add you to our email newsletters so we can update you without relying on platforms like Facebook and Twitter?” 
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