• BlueMail Email App Again Being Offered In Mac App Store
    The BlueMail app is being offered again in Apple's Mac App Store after an eight-month absence. Developer Blix submitted a new version of the app rejected by Apple in June.
  • Six Effective Email Marketing Strategies
    Email marketing sounds easy in theory, but it takes work. Here are six strategies that result in successful email. 
  • Email Apps Are Scraping And Selling Data: Motherboard
    Motherboard charges that iOS and Mac email apps/services are scraping and selling data. One alleged company is Edison, which has responded to the Motherboard report. 
  • Why To Buy A Verified Gmail Account
    New businesses often start by setting up their email account on Gmail. But they might be better off investing in verified Gmail accounts. Here’s why. 
  • A Guide To Email Response Times
    Each generation has their own special way of responding to emails. Here’s a guide to tracking email response from boomers to Gen Zers.
  • Tips For Creating Email Welcome Series
    Brands should welcome new email subscribers with emails that resemble movie trailers. That means providing a feel for what to expect. Here are tips on how to create a killer email welcome series.
  • Monetize Your Email In The Changing Digital Environment
    Inboxes are a noisy, crowded and a highly competitive environment for email marketers. Here is a guide on how to monetize email in the changing world of digital advertising. 
  • How To Improve Cold Email Response
    Cold leads may respond to your email. But they have to read the email first. Here are tips for engaging recipients with cold email outreach. 
  • Marriott Makes A Surprising Offering In Email
    Marriott has sent some emails not for its hotels but for…thongs. The emails, stating “Love Is In the Air,” went to Marriott Bonvoy members and encouraged them to “Discover Valentine’s Day gifts for the one you love.”
  • A Guide To Building Effective Email Newsletters
    Email newsletters can produce impressive results for brands. But they are a creative challenge. Here is a primer on how to create a compelling email newsletters. 
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