• Video Is Video -- Right?
    Across the globe, agencies and brands are trying to determine their video strategy. Notice, I didn't mention whether it was digital video, linear, satellite, connected TV, out of home, place-based, or the hundreds of other ways brands can utilize video in the marketplace to reach a target audience.
  • Learning From Early Adopters
    While the decline in pay TV subscribers may have astonished putative experts, it was unsurprising to early adopters with computers attached to our TVs. We were already watching Internet videos on the big screen. We had already learned that attaching a computer to a modern TV is only slightly more complicated than connecting a video game or DVD player. We already knew it is far less geeky than attaching a CATV set-top box.
  • Will Video Help Portals Restore Old Glory?
    Content, commerce, community: the 3 Cs that served as the foundation to any portal strategy. In the 1990s, a portal was synonymous with power. Today, the term is almost derisive. The portals who survived the 1990s were Yahoo! MSN and AOL, though none of them got through the 2000s unscathed.The last decade saw search overtake display as the main driver of growth in online media. This decade, the catalyst will be video, which after many years of hope (and hype) is poised for mainstream success. So should it come as any surprise that video content will play a central role ...
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