• Dr. Content, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The Facebook
    Facebook, once the industry darling, is now receiving close scrutiny and somewhat negative sentiment. Starting in the weeks leading up to the IPO, continuing with questions about mobile monetization, and through the recent announcement about the nearly 9% of problem accounts, Facebook seems to be facing a growing bandwagon of ill will.
  • Helping Video Supply Match Forthcoming Advertiser Demand
    For years analysts have been suggesting that the video advertising market is primed for meteoric advance, with eMarketer estimating 40% growth this year alone, followed by significantly more in the future. Even as these predictions are made, other reports indicate that major spikes in advertising demand -- such as the upcoming presidential election -- will see marketers' requests exceed the existing video ad supply.
  • The Time For Video RTB Is Now
    Real-time bidding (RTB) has the potential to change the way digital video is bought and sold. At my company we believe more than 50% of video impressions will be bought via RTB over the next three years. At this point, it's not a question of if, but when?
  • The Seesaw Effect: Trends Shaping Video's Past And Future
    To an outsider, the video landscape has been dominated by the rise of new video distribution platforms such as YouTube and iTunes, as well as enabling platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Of late, we've seen content's resurgence, staging a comeback. But, on the front lines, it's been a bit more nuanced than that.
  • What Is Premium? High Completion Rates!
    Few words are more popular in the media and advertising worlds than "premium." When referencing content, in particular video content, everyone claims to be premium. There is a generally accepted definition of this concept, but as media consumption habits change, this definition may no longer be adequate.
  • Can't We All Do Justice to Digital Already?
    Digital advertising has a problem. Viewers, by and large, ignore the ads they encounter online. What do you expect, when most of the ads are repurposed television spots? There's no better example of a creativity and conceptualization disconnect than in video advertising, where agencies are convinced that simply adding digital widgets on top of video enhances the brand message.
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