• Live TV Viewing Dips, Mobile Rises
    Viewers' appetite for live TV is shrinking.The average American digested about four hours and 32 minutes of live TV each day in the third quarter, a drop of 12 minutes from 4 hours and 44 minutes a year ago, according to Nielsen's third quarter total audience report.
  • How To Avoid Latency For The Best Video Experience
    If there's one thing that kills a great video experience, it's anything that makes your user wait: a slow video start time, a lot of buffering, or even the player taking a long time to load. But how do you identify those points within your publishing and delivery workflow where latency might be happening? And, more importantly, how do you prevent it?
  • TV Viewers Fire Up More SVOD; Digital Video Grows
    First off, the sky isn't falling, and TV isn't going bye-bye. However, the market continues to shift ever closer to digital, and smart brands and wise media pundits should keep tracking the transition. Here are some of the latest figures that shed light on video viewing habits.
  • Wren's 'First Kiss' Overtakes World Cup Campaigns As Most Viewed Campaign of 2014
    Wren, a small fashion brand, surprised the industry by producing the most-viewed campaign of 2014, overshadowing World Cup campaigns from Nike and Samsung.
  • Does Size Really Matter?
    A couple of months ago, PewDiePie, the world's number-one YouTube star, disabled his comments on YouTube. Why? Because he didn't find it a meaningful place for conversation anymore. He found the dialogue filling up with spam, bots, and self-promotional commenting. So instead, PewDiePie is asking his fans to communicate with him on other channels. There was a piece about his decision in VideoInk recently, focused on the critical role that comments play in building subscriber bases on YouTube. Which, of course, is not very different from building subscribers to anything -- social or analogue. The role of engagement is well …
  • This is Black Friday On Mobile
    Over the past few peak shopping seasons, we have seen mobile play an increasingly stronger role in the commerce chain. Due to mobile's accessibility, this medium plays a crucial role in all three distinct purchase paths: researching before buying online, driving consumers to stores, and purchasing directly through mCommerce. Even when shoppers do not complete a purchase on the go and instead turn to the computer to make a final purchase, the mobile device still plays a critical role in the purchase funnel.
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