• My 'Mad Men' VOD Experience: What It Means For TV Business Model
    Video-on-demand (VOD) is a benefit of a viewer cable subscriptions, but still not front and center in the television ad model discussion. So where does it stand as an ad medium today? I had a chance to find out in a snapshot experience when my family forgot to DVR the first three programs of of the final half-season of "Mad Men" on AMC.
  • Who Will Be Crowned King In The Evolving Video Media World?
    This is arguably the most competitive time in the world of short-form and long-from video content. We see traditional media companies - all the major networks and premium cable - making their play. New entrants like Amazon, Netflix, and Crackle are capitalizing on connected, cross-screen consumers. Then we have leading digital-first brands such as Maker, Pop Sugar, Buzzfeed, and Vice. These brands have studios at their disposal and are customizing content based on signals from social influencer networks. For publishers, native content is key for growth as brands continue to spend time, resources, and energy on content beyond the 30-second …
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