• Airbnb Should Have Rethought Its Marketing Cut
    Airbnb erred by ditching its marketing to save $800 million. For one thing, such a cut can deprive a brand of revenue sources through email marketing or social commerce. They also fail to mitigate the damages caused by negative impressions. Here’s why Airbnb should have rethought its action. 
  • Microsoft Outage Reported In Australia Over Weekend
    Microsoft Outlook suffered an outage that prevented Australian users from signing in over the weekend. Microsoft says that the problem was caused by a third-party networking issue. 
  • Brands Need To Segment To Show Their Humanity
    How does a marketer send emails that will resonate both in New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, and Des Moines, where life is just about normal? Ryan Phelan argues that brands need to recapture their humanity—and that this takes segmentation. 
  • Mailchimp Blocks Blockchain Group: Report
    Mailchimp’s automated scanning tool has temporarily restricted the Blockchain Education Network (BEN)’s account for violating its “acceptable use” policy. Mailchimp prohibits marketing of initial coin offerings (ICOs), but BEN argues that it does not promote ICOs. YouTube has also blocked BEN. 
  • Critics Challenge Verizon's New View Time Optimization
    Verizon has drawn heat for its new View Time Optimization product that allows firms to time emails to arrive when consumers are engaged with their inboxes. Programmer David Heinemeier Hansson calls it an “Orwellian” ad placement tool. 
  • B2B Lead Generation During -- And After -- A Slowdown
    Email marketing is a powerful tool in B2B lead generation. But there are certain rules — for instance, you should create specific messages for new clients that have never used your company. Here is a primer on how to get leads during and after a slowdown.
  • A Guide To Email Suppression List Management
    The most effective way of building email audiences may not be by selecting people to target, but by suppressing certain names. Here is a guide to suppression list management, and how it can help in email targeting. 
  • Trump And Biden Campaigns Walk Fine Line In Fundraising During The Pandemic
    President Trump and former Vice President Biden are sending fundraising emails that focus on the COVID-19 crisis, in many cases without mentioning it by name. For example, the Trump campaign sent an email saying, “"It’s no secret that our Nation was hit with a huge unforeseen challenge. We are in the midst of an all-out war with a dangerous invisible enemy.” 
  • Five Email Trends That Real Estate Agents Should Be Aware Of
    Real estate agents rely heavily on email marketing. But they need to stay on top of email trends. Here are five developments that they should be aware of, including interactivity and mobile optimization.  
  • Retailers Turn To Promotions During Pandemic
    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way retailers communicate with customers. Many are sending promotions tailored for the crisis. For example, Hanky Panky is offering pajamas, the new "work uniform" for people working at home.
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