• 'Ebony' Freelancers Sue Over Unpaid Bills
    Ebony magazine's failure to pay scores of its contributors has landed the iconic African-American publication in court. The National Writers Union filed a lawsuit against Ebony in Cook County Circuit Court, the magazine's former home in Chicago, on behalf of 38 freelancers.
  • Google Expected To End 'First Click Free' Feature
    In another concession to publishers, Google has agreed to put an end to its "first-click-free" feature, which allowed users to circumvent publishers' attempts to limit free access to their Web sites by accessing them via search results.
  • Snap Bows Campus Publisher Stories
    Snapchat parent Snap is joining forces with a number of big college newspapers to launch Campus Publisher Stories, the tech platform and visual messaging service. The partnership gives student publications an important new channel to reach their core audiences, while Snap gets access to relevant, hyper-local content to drive engagement with its app.
  • Pot Ads Come To In-Flight Mags, Courtesy Of Allegiant's 'Sunseeker'
    Broad prohibitions on advertising for legal recreational marijuana enacted in many places are no laughing matter. That's why it's a big deal that pot ads are now appearing in a somewhat unexpected medium - in-flight magazines - courtesy of Allegiant Air.
  • EPA Lashes Out At AP Reporter Over Harvey Story
    The Environmental Protection Agency, long a bete noire for various industries because of its allegedly heavy-handed regulation, is now turning its sights on an unexpected new target: journalists.
  • 'The Advocate,' 'Out' Are Sold To 'High Times' Owner
    In addition to the flagship titles, the deal covers Here Publishing's other properties, including Pride, Plus, Out Traveler and LGBT.com. As part of the deal, Here will rebrand as Pride Media Inc.
  • 'Daily News' Price Tag Reflects Tabloids' Decline
    Even more remarkable than the $1 price tag for 'Daily News' is that many media watchers - far from classifying Tronc's acquisition as a steal, or at least a savvy expansion at a rock-bottom price - wondered whether the deal was a strategic misstep.
  • Conservative Publisher Boycotts 'NYT' Best-Seller List
    The ideological war between conservatives and the mainstream media is expanding to hitherto uncontested territory, with the declaration of hostilities against that iconic arbiter of literary success, The New York Times' bestseller list.
  • Al Jazeera's English Site Removes Comments Section
    The site hoped the comments would serve a thoughtful forum. Instead, Al Jazeera found the comments section "was hijacked by users hiding behind pseudonyms spewing vitriol, bigotry, racism and sectarianism. The possibility of having any form of debate was virtually nonexistent."
  • 'Guardian' Sets Up U.S. Journalism Nonprofit
    Still struggling to put its American operations on a firm financial footing, the Guardian is taking a page from its UK playbook and launching a nonprofit, theguardian.org, with the mission of supporting its independent (generally left-leaning) journalism.
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