• Apple News, NPR Affirm Need For Publishers' Podcasts
    Podcasting is growing as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts media consumption habits, including drive-time radio listening.
  • 'The New York Times' Is Doomed To Repeat Past Mistakes
    There is evidence the newspaper is increasingly intolerant of diverse opinion.
  • How Much Will Digital Platforms Pay For Journalism?
    Facebook last year began paying publishers for news content, and Google last month announced plans to open its checkbook in a program that will start this year.
  • 'Wall Street Journal' Promotion Of Jones Is Right Step In Diversity Effort
    Brent Jones' appointment comes about a month after more than 150 journalists at the 'WSJ' sent a letter to upper management describing the newspaper's coverage of race as "problematic."
  • News Publishers Share Promising Ideas For Pandemic Recovery
    Many of the strategies look promising, such as developing "advertising solutions" that are broader than selling ad space and fostering reader loyalty that outlasts the pandemic.
  • Omnicom's $20 Million Podcast Deal Bodes Well For Publishers
    The deal lasts through the end of the year and includes a joint effort by OMG and streaming platform Spotify to develop audience research and a set of best practices on podcast ads.
  • 'Harper's' Spurs Needed Debate About 'Cancel Culture'
    Everyone in the publishing industry will recognize the letter's diagnosis of the current climate, with editors being "fired for running controversial pieces" and journalists "barred from writing on certain topics."
  • Reuters' Plan For Paywall Is Good Sales Strategy
    It is another sign of how news organizations are developing revenue strategies aside from advertising sales.
  • Ad Spending Outlook Gives Reason For Cautious Optimism
    As despairing as the news about the coronavirus pandemic can be, there are signs the U.S. economy can bounce back and boost advertising sales for publishers.
  • How Publishers Can Benefit From Facebook Boycott
    Advertisers boycott of Facebook is an opportunity for publishers to tout the advantages the offer for brand safety.
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