• BBC Offers Compelling Look At Visual Storytelling On Facebook
    Facebook has become a focal point for innovation in "graphical storytelling" to reach younger audiences. Publishers should take note.
  • Insider Bid For 'Morning Brew' Shows Power Of Email Inbox
    'Morning Brew' is a business media publisher that's actually growing revenue and adding staff.
  • War On Freelance Journalists Is Getting Worse
    The biggest threat comes from the Protecting Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which the House of Representatives passed in February to face a dead end in the Senate.
  • Publishers Should Focus On Key Pandemic Topics As Readers Lose Interest
    There is a growing partisan divide with Republicans being even more likely than Democrats to indicate they have lost interest in coronavirus news.
  • Will 'The New York Times' Allay Marketer Fears About Hot-Button Issues?
    'The New York Times' introduced a consumer-insights program aimed at helping advertisers handle touchy issues like racism, climate change and sex.
  • Job Cuts At 'Pop-Up' Underscore Perils Of Patronage
    Having a rich patron willing to lose money on a project can be a plus. It works right up to the moment when a wealthy benefactor starts feeling less generous.
  • Was Quartz's Subscription Strategy A Mistake?
    Quartz's Japanese parent company Uzabase is seeking a buyer for the business news site -- just two years after acquiring it for $86 million from Atlantic Media.
  • Bonnier's Sale Of 7 Magazines Hastens Their Digital Evolution
    North Equity LLC plans to add Bonnier's titles to its growing stable of digital properties. The company has become more aggressive about building out its collection of media brands.
  • Springer Nature May Miss Out On 2020 IPO Boom
    It's unfortunate the publisher can't participate in the recent bumper crop of stock sales. September was the busiest month for IPOs in New York Stock Exchange history.
  • Google's $1 Billion Pledge To Publishers Merits Caution
    However well-intended Google is in paying publishers for their content, they need to be wary - and develop strategies to reach digital audiences directly.
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