• D.C. Shooting Gives News Orgs A Chance To Refute Bias Charge
    In the 21st century, Americans are savvy news consumers, on the whole, and the rise of blogs and social media just makes it that much easier to detect and highlight distortions and omissions.
  • Facebook Makes It Easier To Blacklist Publishers
    The forthcoming offerings will enable advertisers to blacklist publisher sites at the account level. That should ensure their ads aren't associated with racist or extremist content, fake news, incitements to violence, or any other types of content they deem unacceptable.
  • Yes, Bad Adjacencies Hurt Brands
    Deeply risk-averse by nature, marketers and brand managers have long taken it for granted that allowing their advertising to appear next to offensive or disturbing content will have a negative impact on consumer perceptions - they are right.
  • 'LAT' To Publish Book: 'Our Dishonest President'
    Set to debut in both print and digital editions on July 4, the book will compile six editorials already published by the LAT over the last few months, penned by six different writers,
  • OwnLocal Acquires Wanderful Media, Helps Local Publishers With Digital Campaigns
    OwnLocal, a digital advertising platform for national retailers created by a consortium of newspaper publishers and local media companies, announced the acquisition of Wanderful Media, which also operates in the local media marketplace.
  • Press Revels In Comey's Testimony
    The nation's leading newspapers, which have made no secret of their opposition to the Trump administration, had a field day with Comey's testimony, live-streaming the public hearing on their Web sites and providing blow-by-blow recaps with live blogs.
  • Bauer Launches 'Teen Boss' For Entrepreneurial Girls
    Targeting girls ages eight to 15, 'Teen Boss' aims to inspire budding businesswomen with a variety of features and stories, including profiles of real teen and tween business owners. It address the parental concern that publications should do more to empower girls, rather than focus on beauty.
  • How Do You Advertise In VR? Very Carefully
    Virtual reality is still in the early stages - so there aren't any guidelines (let alone established techniques) for how brands should use it for advertising. While the content may be compelling, there are a few obstacles to VR advertising.
  • 'Daily Beast' Argues Fighting Fake News Is Good Business
    Partisan media has undermined trust in media, fueling a diet of anger and anxiety. Wider trends in the digital media landscape are culpable as well, including the rise of clickbait and programmatic media buys.
  • Kodak Launches 'Kodachrome' To Celebrate Analog Culture
    To celebrate this old-is-new sensibility - and maybe spur interest in its legacy products - Kodak is launching a new limited-edition print magazine, 'Kodachrome', dedicated to art, film, writing, sculpture, music and more.
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