• Digital Media Vet Jim Heckman Tries To Recruit Publishers For Maven Platform
    As more publishers report revenue fallout following Facebook's increasingly volatile feed (particularly for publishers), media arenas are on the hunt for alternatives.
  • 'Berkeleyside' Raises $1M From Readers In Direct Public Offering
    To date, the DPO money has allowed 'Berkeleyside' to hire an additional reporter, make its site mobile friendly and expand its events and membership programs.
  • Hearst Diversifies Revenue With Fitch Group Acquisition
    Hearst announced that it had completely acquired the global financial information services company from parent Fimalac S.A., making Fitch Group Hearst's largest wholly-owned business. Hearst is committed to diversifying its revenue streams and looking beyond the typical areas of expansion and investment.
  • Facebook Launches Local News Subscription Accelerator
    Some 42 executives from 14 metro news publishers met in New York, hearing about ways to develop performance benchmarks and how to change company culture to embrace a consumer-revenue model.
  • 'Raw Story' Acquires 'AlterNet' To Assuage Lost Facebook Traffic
    'Raw Story,' a progressive news website founded by John Byrne in 2004, bought leftist news site 'AlterNet' for an undisclosed amount from parent company the Independent Media Institute.
  • Ricardo Baca, Former 'Denver Post' Editor, Fights For A Free Press
    As Alden Global Capital continues this genocide on its newspaper group (Digital First Media), the only people benefiting are these politicians and businessmen and women who, like Alden, have something to hide.
  • 'Guns & America' Explores The Role Of Gun Culture In The U.S.
    Guns & America formed to investigate not only the violent crimes that happen as a result of firearms, but also how these weapons are sewn into our national fabric. Over the course of two years and through a $5.3 million grant from the Kendeda Fund, Guns & America, in partnership with 10 public radio stations will offer a comprehensive and diverse view of gun culture.
  • 'Atlantic' Fires Controversial Columnist Kevin Williamson
    EIC Jeffrey Goldberg's explanation for hiring and firing of conservative provocateur leaves much to be desired.
  • Medium Partners With Writer Roxane Gay For Pop-Up Magazine
    New York Times best-selling author Roxane Gay writes in her editor's note to the pop-up magazine she's published with Medium, called Unruly Bodies: "I've heard from all kinds of people, with stories both different from and similar to mine, who have shared the stories of their own bodies. And in hearing those stories, I was reminded that all of us live in unruly bodies that we're all trying to take care of as best we can."
  • Sinclair Chairman: Print Media Has 'No Credibility'
    In a chilling reminder of what happens to local news sources when a large media group has a stranglehold on power and a political agenda, last week Sinclair Broadcast Group anchors from across the country all recited the same scripted anti-media message on camera.
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