• Study: Most Americans Don't Want News Filtered On Platforms
    According to the results, 54% of those surveyed believe companies like Facebook help people become better informed about the world, however, 85% don't think such platforms do enough to stop the spread of misinformation.
  • Owners Of 'New York' Magazine Explore Possible Sale
    In an official statement, New York Media wrote, "We are focused on building our business organically, but we also explore investment interest and strategic opportunities as a general practice..."
  • To Reach Profitability, Conde Nast Will Reduce Ad Revenue To 50%, Focus On Video
    Last week Conde Nast's CEO Robert A. Sauerberg told his staff of his plans to completely rebuild the model the company made its name on.
  • Playbuzz Taps BuzzFeed Exec Matt Trotta As North America GM, Plans Expansions
    Trotta will oversee the publishing and brand side solutions offered by the company. "There is a tremendous opportunity to help publishers diversify revenue without cannibalizing what their sales team is out there selling," Trotta said.
  • 'The Boston Globe' Leads Call To Protect A Free Press
    Following his disastrous Helsinki meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Trump publicly called the press the "enemy of the people" - and his tirade hasn't slowed since. Such totalitarian tactics have sounded an alarm among the nation's journalists and news outlets. In an effort to unite the media and raise national awareness about the war against it, 'The Boston Globe' is rallying the press corp.
  • Tronc Considering Sale Of Newspapers To Private Equity Firm
    Tronc Inc., owner of legacy papers like the 'Chicago Tribune,' 'Baltimore Sun' and 'New York Daily News' is mulling a new financial path. The proposed deal comes after Tronc sold the 'Los Angeles Times' to billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong in June.
  • 43% Of Republicans Would Give Trump Power Over 'Bad' Media
    President Trump claim that the press is "the enemy of the people" is gaining traction. It is also undermining a fundamental principle of American democracy.
  • Months After GDPR, U.S. News Sites Continue To Block E.U. Readers
    Readers who travel often for business and ex-pats who want to keep up with local news are hardest hit by the move. It also hurts those wanting to access news from the U.S., essential for E.U. citizens interested in what's happening here.
  • 'Texas Monthly' Experiments With Nixing Ad Blockers
    On July 11, award-winning regional magazine 'Texas Monthly' launched a campaign to get readers to whitelist the publication or sign up for its email newsletter. The publication has seen a slight decline in the number of readers using ad-blockers since the effort began.
  • Warner Music Acquires Uproxx, Expands Editorial Offerings
    Warner Music's doesn't have a customer-facing outlet to reach new and savvy music fans. Through Uproxx, Warner can leverage the site's 40 million users.
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