• 'Politico' Founder Allbritton Plans Tech Website Amid Crowded Field
    There is more room for technology coverage that appeals to a broader audience. Many people have a limited understanding about technology and its profound effects.
  • Attacks On Campbell Brown Beg For More Facebook Transparency
    Facebook this week defended top news executive Campbell Brown after she was targeted in a published report that questioned her political biases.
  • Hearst Workers Vote To Unionize As 'WaPo' Addresses Pay Disparities
    The vote was significant, given Hearst's scale, which includes 24 print and online publications.
  • How Will Outlawing Filter Bubbles Affect Publishers?
    The idea behind the Filter Bubble Transparency Act is to liberate internet users from a vicious cycle of seeing more of the same content, based on what they viewed before.
  • 'NYT,' 'Guardian' Highlight Dependence On Reader Revenue
    The two newspapers are demonstrating a positive shift to digital subscriptions. The 'NYT' now derives 62% of its total revenue directly from readers.
  • Fake News Runs Rampant On Facebook As 2020 Election Looms
    Almost two-thirds of the deceptive stories focused on either Democratic politicians or left-wing issues.
  • Men's Magazines Face Another Midlife Crisis
    Their latest so-called crisis comes from a growing public awareness of "toxic masculinity" and changing attitudes about gender fluidity.
  • Will Adobe Help Curb 'Fake News' As 2020 Election Looms?
    Adobe's framework is designed to let authors verify their content and help consumers feel more confident about the authenticity of news and information.
  • Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss
    There is growing tension between newsroom employees and private-equity companies that are buying media properties and restructuring them to maximize profits.
  • Is $3.99 A Week The Best Subscription Price For Newspapers?
    The key to maximizing subscription revenue is identifying target customers who are most loyal, in line with the "80/20 rule."
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