• 'NYT' Can Boost Incremental Revenue With Paid Newsletters
    The lesson here is to find audience segments that are willing to pay for specialized content.
  • Nonprofit News Outlets Should Target Recurring Revenue
    In addition to seeking recurring contributions from individuals, nonprofit news outlets also should urge donors to increase their giving.
  • App Store Law Would Give Publishers More Flexibility
    A new bill would prevent big tech companies from forcing app publishers to use their app stores or payment systems.
  • 'Marie Claire' Owner Future PLC Seeks Growth With Enthusiast Targeting, Ecommerce
    Future's stock has nearly quadrupled in value in the past two years amid investor enthusiasm for its growth.
  • Newspapers Show Potential To Increase Digital Subscription Revenue
    The potential digital subscription revenue for a publisher with 1 million unique visitors can vary by the maturity of its online product and the churn rate.
  • 'Politico' Publisher Argues Against Newsroom Union Drive
    He cited three main reasons for opposing unionization, including the workplace inflexibility that could come with a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Digital Subscription Growth for 'NYT', 'WSJ,' Gannett Varies With Maturity
    The 'NYT' is closer to its goal of reaching 10 million digital subscribers by 2025.
  • Some Display Ad Spend Supports Misinformation Sites
    Advertisers are spending $2.6 billion a year on websites that publish false information such as "anti-vaccine myths, election misinformation" while undermining support for credible journalism, a study finds.
  • 'WaPo' Targets Younger Audiences With 'Next Generation' Plan
    Reaching more diverse audiences is an important initiative amid the changing demographics of U.S. consumers. News audiences tend to skew older and rely on more trad media to stay informed.
  • Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Protect Journalists From Harm, Surveillance
    The legislation would make it a federal crime to intentionally intimidate or cause bodily injury to a journalist who is reporting.
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