• 'Washington Post' Launches Twitch TV Channel
    According to 'WaPo,' the channel is intended to create "a space for civil discourse on issues of the day and a fun entry into news." The programming will include live event coverage and a series called "Playing Games with Politicians."
  • As Hearst Settles $50M Lawsuit, User Privacy Questioned
    The amount leveraged through the settlement is the largest of its kind and triple the amount reached in April by Consumers Union, which settled for $16.375 million.
  • McClatchy Readies Journalists For An AR-Centric Future
    The AR Storytellers program is geared toward creating episodic 3D AR series for the more than 500 million AR-enable mobile devices circulating today. It also allows McClatchy to take a deeper look into understanding audiences, desirability, distribution and monetization.
  • Study: Marketers Expect Increased Spending in Private Marketplaces
    A new study found that 36% of advertisers expect the use of private marketplaces and programmatic guaranteed to increase as the U.S. implements the GDPR.
  • 'New Yorker' Leadership Voluntarily Recognizes Union
    Full- and part-time staff members of the vaulted weekly will become part of the NewsGuild of New York, which also represents 'The New York Times,' The Associated Press and 'The Daily Beast.'
  • 'Washington Post' Introduces Ad Insertion Tool, Aids Podcast Ad Buys
    The ad insertion tool, named Rhapsocord, dynamically identifies where ads can be placed within a podcast -- pre-roll, midroll and post-roll spots.
  • EU Rejects Copyright Directive Aimed At Big Tech Platforms
    The directive was supported largely by musicians who want to protect their music from piracy and illegal streaming, but was criticized by those that believe fiercely in internet freedom and openness.
  • Protecting Advertisers, Publishers From Bot Clicks In Campaigns
    Many publishers and advertisers alike cite ad fraud as a big problem in the industry - it cost advertisers an estimated $7 billion in 2016. A study that looked at hundreds of publishers using its ad platform over six years, found that up to 90% of clicks generated in an ad campaign can come from bots.
  • New Jersey To Invest $5 million In Local News Via Nonprofit
    The Civic Information Consortium will create partnerships between New Jersey colleges and universities. To gain access to funds, a project must be connected to one of these universities and show that the news it produces will improve the quality of information available to the state's communities.
  • News Outlets Join Forces to Find Missing Immigrant Children
    Even as newsrooms are strapped for cash and staff, journalists are trying to find the displaced children and reunite them with their families. 'ProPublica," along with newspapers here and abroad, are aiding this effort.
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