• Apple's 'Netflix for Magazines' Is Terrible for Publishers
    Apple is asking publishers to hand over half of the subscription revenue they earn from the tech giant's planned "Netflix for magazines," "The Wall Street Journal" reported.
  • 'Esquire' Backlash Echoes Outrage Aimed at Covington's White Teens
    The magazine's cover story profiles a high-school senior from West Bend, Wisc and describes the adversity he's faced for being a supporter of President Trump.
  • ESPN's 'Boardroom' Risks Turning Off Fans With Real-World Money Problems
    ESPN magazine's cover story this week delves into the sports business as part of a tie-in with "The Boardroom," a six-part series on video streaming service ESPN+.
  • Bezos' Blackmail Claims Have Broader Implications For Publishers
    AMI's defense against any possible criminal charges likely will have broader implications for publishers that report unflattering details about celebs' private lives.
  • Magnetic Takes Aim At Advertisers With 'Pay Attention!' Push
    U.K. trade group for consumer magazines Magnetic is touting research showing magazine readers are more engaged with content than users of social media and TV viewers. It's working to defend publishers with its new "Pay Attention" campaign
  • Keys To Boosting Ad Revenue For Website Publishers
    There were common characteristics among 20 publishers that tripled their programmatic ad revenue. Those included boosting website traffic, increasing the number of keywords they ranked for in search engines and prolonging visitor engagement time.
  • To Compete With Tech Giants, Publishers Need To Think Like Software Companies
    That means generating revenue from paid subscriptions, which isn't as simple as slapping up a paywall and expecting viewers will subscribe. It also requires a strategy of creating higher-value content that isn't easily found on every other website.
  • 'NYT,' 'WaPo,' Conde Nast Face Possible Libel Suits From Covington Student
    Nick Sandmann's lawyers sent document preservation letters - a standard part of the discovery process in a lawsuit - to organizations and individuals they believe may have defamed the high schooler with false reporting.
  • 'The Pool' Gets Drained As Another Digital Publisher Goes Bust
    The site was aimed at busy women who are faced with information overload in the digital age.
  • Twitter Isn't Ruining Journalism, Journalists Are
    Disinformation, trolls and automated bots proliferate on Twitter, but it's amazing how many journalists betray their personal biases about events and people in the news.
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