• Melania Trump Slams Anna Wintour, 'Vogue'
    The First Lady's office team is criticizing Wintour, 'Vogue 'EIC, for suggesting in an interview last week that she wasn't interested in having Trump in the magazine.
  • 'Flaunt Magazine' CEO, EIC Sued For Sexual Harassment
    Joseph Dalla Betta's complaint describes numerous humiliations, including being physically assaulted by EIC Mathew Bedard at a workplace party.
  • Graydon Carter Reflects on 'Magazine City' New York
    Stale eulogies for the bygone glory days of magazines are everywhere, but at least Carter provides some healthy perspective about the publishing industry's transformation into the digital era.
  • 3 Reasons Why Fashion Brands Still Advertise in Print
    Magazines have advantages, such as visual appeal. Fashion spreads look much better in print than on a tiny smartphone screen.
  • Remembering 'George' Publisher JFK Jr. On 20th Anniversary Of His Death
    JFK Jr.'s public persona as the heir to Camelot embodied George's mix of Hollywood celebrity, politics and journalism.
  • Ad Agency Stocks Show Worrisome Trends For Publishers
    The stock market has bounced back strongly this year, but advertising companies aren't participating in the rebound. Trump's demands that the Fed either cut rates or return to crisis-era quantitative easing don't inspire confidence, either.
  • Digital-Savvy 'Cosmo' EIC Tames Instagram's Feedback Loop
    Paying attention to Instagram is a must for any publisher of women's magazines, given the app's heavy emphasis on fashion and beauty.
  • New 'Avenue' Taps Kristina Stewart Ward As EIC
    The magazine, which caters to the circuit of society balls and charity dinners, aims to remake its coverage for a younger, hipper readership. It plans for a September relaunch.
  • Apple News+ Adds 200,000 Subscribers In First Week
    Publishers should be concerned about cannibalizing their readership from other sources. At the same time, Apple's technology has the potential to make magazines more dynamic for advertisers and readers.
  • 'Vogue Greece' Returns As National Debt Crunch Fades
    The latest incarnation of Vogue Greece aims to reach tech-savvy millennials with a strong focus on digital, social media and events.
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