• Giving Tuesday Brings In $2.7 Billion In Donations In U.S.
    U.S. donors contributed $2.7 billion on Giving Tuesday, a 9% increase over the prior year and 37% more than 2019. The numbers reflect a continuing trend in increased generosity.   
  • Salesforce Stock Took A Pratfall On Tuesday
    Salesforce stock tumbled on Tuesday despite strong earnings. Some investors were disappointed by mixed guidance. 
  • Compliance Tool Soveren Emerges From Stealth
    London-based startup Soveren, which automates detection of privacy risks, has emerged from stealth with $6.5 million in seed funding. The firm helps brands comply with GDPR and CCPA.
  • DNA Test Firm Hit With Hacking Attack
    Genetic testing firm DNA Diagnostics Center has suffered a hacking attack exposing data on over 2 million people. The revealed data includes credit card numbers and passwords.   
  • Consumers Advised That Deploying Apple's Privacy Protections Takes Time And Effort
    Privacy is a central part of Apple’s marketing. Here is an advisory from The Washington Post on how consumers can change their settings to make their iOS15 devices private. But be advised that it takes time and effort. 
  • What To Do About Apple's Mail Privacy Protection
    Apple iPhone is the top email client in the world, followed by Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook. Accounting for 46% of combined email opens, Apple has stopped senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about senders, including opens, time of open, IP address, location and device type. Here’s what email senders can do about it. 
  • Google Warns Of Russian Hacking Campaign
    Google warned Gmail users earlier this week that Russian hackers were targeting them in a cyber attack. The goal was to steal login credentials using phony emails sent to inboxes. 
  • Why You Need To Validate B2B Email Lists
    B2C marketers aren’t the only ones who should validate their email lists. The stakes are also high for B2B brands, given such variables as personalization and data churn. Here are 10 signals it’s time to validate.    
  • Cold Email Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill A Deal
    Cold emailing can lead to six-figure deals. But the sender must not create a bad first impression. Here are seven cold email marketing mistakes to avoid. 
  • Dodge Builds Email List To Create Interest In Its Electric Future
    Dodge is using a muscle-car giveaway to harvest fans’ email addresses. The plan is not to bombard people with emails, but to reach out and build anticipation for the electric model.
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