• Email Can Help Drive ACA Enrollees To Affordable Health Plans
    Email and direct mail can guide low-income Affordable Care enrollees to the right plans. Here’s how these “low-cost nudges” can steer families from high-cost plans to more affordable programs. 
  • How Spam And Privacy Concerns Have Changed Marketing
    Outbound marketing is changing, in part because brands have pushed email marketing so far that over 20 states have introduced or passed privacy bills. Here is an analysis of the state of outbound marketing. 
  • Marketers Ask Customers If They Want To Skip Mother's Day Emails
    Brands are asking consumers if they want to opt out of Mother’s Day emails in an effort to show empathy at what is for some a difficult time. Here is how Etsy, Three Ships and Fly By Jing are handling it. 
  • Update On Best Practices In Email Marketing
    Email marketing is far from dead for firms that follow best practices. Here’s a primer on how to utilize email in your marketing mix. 
  • The Upsides And Downsides Of Email Marketing Automation
    Research shows that marketers believe automation is helping them survive the pandemic. But it may not be helping shoppers. Here’s an analysis of why. 
  • Pros And Cons Of Using A Separate Domain For Marketing Emails
    Should brands employ a separate domain for marketing emails? Here are the pros and cons. 
  • What You Need For An Effective Email Strategy
    Effective email marketing depends on several elements, including list growth, retention and automation. Here is an overview of what marketers need to build a useful email strategy. 
  • ServiceNow To Switch From Slack To Microsoft Teams
    ServiceNow says it will stop using Slack following the latter’s acquisition by Salesforce. The company will switch to Microsoft Teams.   
  • Why Your Email Campaign May Not Be Working
    Email marketing teams hit by the COVID-19 pandemic can get back on track by understanding why their campaign isn’t working. Here are three possible reasons why. 
  • B2B Marketing And The Law Of Double Jeopardy
    A new study shows that B2B brands can achieve growth only by focusing on customer acquisition, and it argues that the marketing law of double jeopardy applies as much to B2B as B2C. 
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