• Copywriting--The Red-Headed Stepchild in Your E-mail Budget
    E-mail is for readers. That's why I'm always amazed that developing great copy receives so little attention and so little budget.
  • Database Hygiene: Clean Is Good
    These e-mail addresses are wrong: Dogman@hotmial.com. asdf@asdf.com. Do you see the mistakes? With more users entering incorrect e-mail addresses, we have to work harder to clean up our databases.
  • The Ultimate Insiders' Club
    There are a lot of conspiracy theorists who are convinced the world is run by secret organizations like The Trilateral Commission, Yale's Skull and Bones Society, even the local co-op board. The online equivalent of these invisible confabs is the private, invitation-only, e-mail list. I know because, I must confess, I've founded two of them.
  • Long Vs. Short
    "Nobody reads that stuff. We need to cut out some of this copy." Your client or manager says this and heads nod around the table. Of course. Self evident. But not always true.
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