• Customer Service: The New Viral Marketing
    If you're looking for a great viral marketing idea, perhaps you need look no further than the humble, under-funded customer service department, and the extremely un-sexy transactional e-mails that support them.
  • The Trade Show Scurry
    It's May, the peak of the trade show season, with Ad:Tech, Marketing Sherpa, eMarketer, the Authentication Summit, and OMMA already behind us. It's no surprise that there is a significant focus on e-mail at these events. But will we have the ammunition to get bigger budgets for next year, when all trends seem to indicate a diminishing response rate for BtoC and BtoB marketers?
  • The Revenge Of The Blogosphere
    Good Golly, Miss Molly! I've found my name dragged through the blogosphere mud as a result of my recent "E-mail Insider" articles on RSS.
  • Helping The E-mail Team That 'Can't Get No Respect'
    At the recent Marketing Sherpa E-mail Summit, the E-mail Diva heard advice too good not to pass along. If you are unable to get the budget or cooperation you need to create a great e-mail program, this column is for you.
  • What Is Business Intelligence?
    You'll find Business Intelligence thrumming in the depths of most organizations. Business Intelligence is the collective term for the data and insights executives need to make business decisions.
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