• Email Marketing's ROI Probably Closer To $130 Than $43.52
    For better or worse, email marketers have long touted the channel's fantastic return on investment. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is projected to generate an ROI of $43.52 in 2009, more than twice search and other marketing channels. But that's probably just the tip of the iceberg for most companies.
  • If The Jetsons Had Email, What Would It Look Like?
    Imagine you are George or Jane Jetson, living in a skypad some time in the far future. There you are, laboriously pressing buttons to run the factory or do the housework, and suddenly you hear a voice: "You've got mail!" Use your imagination and picture what that email looks like. How was it delivered? What does it contain? How will you respond? I asked my colleagues on the eCRM team at Razorfish to come up with some blue-sky ideas about email in the distant beyond, and here are some of our hopes and fears for the future.
  • I Want a New Drug... For My Email Programs
    There is a lot of conversation happening around social media and socializing email -- so much so that it almost feels redundant focusing this article on the topic. But hey, it is what it is -- the latest industry "drug," and I am not afraid to beat a dead horse (figuratively, of course!). But really, just like any other "new" trend to hit email, the goal is to make "it" relevant and make "it" work for you.
  • To Err Is Human; Sending An Email To Correct It, Questionable
    Most email marketers have at least one horror story of an email that managed to slip through their gauntlet of tests and get deployed with some sort of error. This can be especially disheartening after a concentrated effort has been made to adhere to best practices, but it's important to assess the situation rationally once the error has been discovered. In some cases, all is not lost; other times, an apology may be in order.
  • Are You Making Your Subscribers Feel Welcome?
    The welcome email is one of the most important messages in any email program. Welcomes come at a time when subscribers are most receptive to receiving messages, generating outsize open and click-through rates. So why do so many email marketers pass up this once-in-a-business-relationship opportunity by delivering subpar welcome emails -- or worse yet, none at all?
  • Are Your Emails Zero To Many?
    Social media is the next bandwagon every marketer is jumping on. All the ESPs and all the email marketing teams are creating "share your content" modules and integrating social into their strategy mix. And now Twitter is the latest social media star. Everywhere you turn there is Twitter -- CNN, NASA, operating rooms, corporate home pages, and even the toilet (twitter.com/shwittering). Twitter has been deemed the next revolution in one-to-one communication, giving the customer a voice and making the corporation "human," enabling real-time interaction.
  • Are You Using Email To Help Other Departments Achieve Their Goals?
    As marketers, we get so wrapped up in the daily issues of email, such as promotions, deliverability and list growth, that we often don't see all the ways email can help meet other departmental goals and objectives. As the point people for email in our companies, we need to find opportunities in other departments where email can drive value and achieve business objectives. The following are just a few examples of areas where you can use email to help other departments achieve their business goals
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