• On The Subject Of Subject Lines
    We see a lot of artificial delineations between social channels and email, but all these channels share a lot more than you might think. For example, your inbox isn't that much different from your Twitter stream -- except that Twitter is much more focused on the "now" and probably has a shorter attention span than an email inbox. A big difference between Twitter and the inbox is that people have to process the content of the inbox, while Twitter (left to its own devices) is self-cleaning. This is one reason a strong subject line is so important! Even if people …
  • Owning A Moment In The Inbox
    What is the best time of day to send email? That particular question is one that marketers have been asking since the dawn of email marketing. And, inevitably, someone would answer. It doesn't really matter what the answer was -- all that mattered was that someone said it. This single act officially turned it into the worst time of day to send email, as every marketer subsequently began sending their messages at the same time. The question subsided publicly for a while, but as deal-of-the-day and flash sales businesses flourish, owning a moment in the inbox has become ever more …
  • Summer 2012: When Engagement Began to Matter
    Since May we've been seeing more evidence that ISPs are gaining confidence in their use of engagement data. This is a trend we've watched closely, because bulk delivery decisions based on user behavior can make reaching the inbox even harder for lots of mailers. Last week we got confirmation that engagement data has become a far more prominent component of deliverability at one major ISP: Yahoo.
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