• Why Mobile Payments Will Change Email Forever
    I haven't felt more energized about the potential of video, email and mobile commerce than I do now. Newer, safer payment technologies! More convenience! Global acceptance at point of sale -- and lastly, everyone has a device. While we may argue the merits of the various forms of "payments" and whether the banks or the PayPals or Googles of the world will win, the shift is happening. While mobile commerce still has a ways to go before a 75-year-old grandmother will pay for a meal at the diner with her mobile device, the trends absolutely lead you to believe that …
  • 'I'm Mad as Hell...': My Top Email Marketing Pet Peeves
    I must be getting cranky in my older age. Little things are starting to annoy me more now. So, email marketers, I'm begging you to fix your email-marketing programs. Get your act together so I can enjoy my morning coffee without spitting it out in disgust. My email-marketing pet peeves aren't just about aspects of your emails but also how you run your programs and processes. Here they are, divided into two categories, Program Management and Email Practices:
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