• When Content Tanks: Brands Lack Faith In Their Efforts, Study Shows
    Only 3.4% of B2B marketers feel their content is extremely effective, Heinz Marketing reports. Are they flooding inboxes with irrelevant material?
  • Do I Look Like Spam? How To Get Your Email Past The Filter
    Lounge Lizard advises email marketers to avoid all of the following pathologies.
  • Marketing Magic: How Personalization Drives ROI
    Retailers are most likely to show ROI from their efforts, according to a study by Monetate.
  • Control Freaks: Consumers Want Sway Over Email Frequency
    The Alliance Data study also finds that shoppers value clearly written emails, and that personalization must be on target.
  • Those Pesky Chatbots: Are They Really Replacing Email?
    Don't tell us chatbots will destroy email, especially when they are being offered through Facebook Messenger. Chatbots will never produce email's ROI.
  • How Does Email Stack Up? Most Retailers Are Using It, But It's Siloed In Many Firms
    Newer technologies like mobile apps are making their way into retail tech stacks, Salesforce reports.
  • Let Me See Some ID: Failure to Resolve Identity Can Lead To Email Problems
    A BounceX study finds that few firms are very confident in their identity-resolution capabilities.
  • To Know Or Not To Know: The Main Metrics Concern Of Email Marketers
    Don't fall back on the fuzzy metrics that were used 30 years ago.
  • The Emotional Pitch: Playing On Feelings Works Best In Subject Lines
    Persado reports that emotional subject lines far outpace descriptive and functional lines.
  • Emails Get A New Look: Design Trends For 2019
    Look for videos, animation and greater interactivity in emails this year. EmailMonks makes eight design predictions.
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