• Email Love: Consumers Prefer It When Shopping Online
    People are shopping more online, and they rate email as the best marketing channel in general and for cart abandonment messages, Wunderkind reports.
  • Young And Trigger-Happy: What Drives Millennials And Gen Zers To Buy
    Young shoppers want value above all, but they are also influenced by ethics and the overall experience, EPAM reports.
  • Don't Be A Zero: What Winning Ecommerce Sites Hope To Improve
    As brands look to increase customer satisfaction and average order value, Winners are getting closer, a study finds that describes Winners as those with 4.5% or more YoY sales growth.
  • The Holidays Are Humming: Small Retail Businesses Gear Up With Email
    Small businesses are already preparing for the holidays, but are challenged by lack of resources and uncertainty about consumer behavior, Emma reports.
  • Marketing's Tech-tonic Shift: 90% Have Changed Their Digital Strategies
    This year's State of Marketing report from Salesforce shows significant changes in how brands conduct business following the pandemic.
  • The Conscientious Marketer: Don't Send Emails To People Who Have Unsubscribed
    Over 85% of consumers have received unsolicited emails or texts from firms they had not shared data with, Dotdigital reports.
  • GDPR Chill: Investment In Startups Has Fallen Since Law Took Effect
    Mature startups have taken a bigger hit than firms at the seed stage, Marketing Science reports.
  • Apple The Autocrat: Tech Firm Announces Plan To Track Presumed Child Pornography Uploads
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation denounces the effort as a potential privacy violation. And it is hypocritical, given Apple's Mail Protection Program.
  • Tracking Tumult: Consumers Don't Like It, Want To Be Asked For Their Consent
    A staggering 70% of consumers dislike the idea of tracking people for marketing, and most people say they understand cookies.
  • Email Brain Candy: Neuroscientist Measures Psych Response To Videos
    People were happier when they viewed emails with video than when reading plain text emails, a Vidyard study shows.
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