• Gerber Among The 86% Of Marketers Using Influencers
    Gerber relied on influencers recruited by Linqia to launch its Lil' Beanies treats for toddlers. A recent Linqia survey found that 86% of marketers use influencers as part of their content strategy.
  • Taking Your Leads From Artificial Intelligence
    Sysomos' new integrated platform also incorporates artificial intelligence to "uncover correlations, anomalies and associations" -- and that's the aspect I'm going to focus on.
  • Are You Ready For Social VR?
    Linden Lab, which created the created the virtual world Second Life in 2003, is in "invite-only, creator-preview" mode for Sansar, a new VR-based platform that has been described as a "WordPress for social VR."
  • It's All About The Experience
    Eighty-three percent of U.S. consumers say having a positive customer experience with a brand is more important than the product itself, and 71% say they will not come back after one bad incident.
  • An Illuminating Conversation About Conversational Marketing
    Highlights from the "Talk To The Brand: AI, Bots And Conversational Marketing" panel at MediaPost's OMMA SXSW event.
  • Putting Social Media In Its Place
    Disconnectedness -- along with other perils of the social media age such as cyberbullying, sexting and overindulgence -- has become a major area of discussion.
  • Rushkoff On 'Generation Like,' Big Data and 'Team Human'
    Media theorist, author and filmmaker Douglas Rushkoff showed his Frontline documentary "Generation Like" this week and then fielded some thought-provoking questions.
  • Best Buy Has A Lot To Retweet About
    Gift cards were the biggest drivers of conversation on Twitter among consumers discussing giving and receiving presents this holiday season and nobody generates more likes and retweets than Best Buy.
  • Co-Consuming Content Comes Of Age
    "Co-consumption" is the driving premise of the Airtime video chat app that launched last spring and is now pushing to expand its user base and enhance its features.
  • Why Can't We All Be Different?
    Smartphones can "become weapons" and can have "devastating effects," says anti-bullying activist Gabriella van Rij, who would like to see marketers celebrate our unique imperfections.
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