• The Most Popular Email Days of the Year For Retailers
    It's no surprise that the majority of the biggest email days come in the weeks before Christmas -- including the top four, and seven of the top eight. However, the biggest email day of the year was actually the day after Christmas; more than 53% of the retailers tracked via RetailEmail.Blogspot sent email on Dec. 25, 2006. In addition to capturing added sales from returns, this tactic is undoubtedly used to capture gift card and e-gift card sales as quickly as possible.
  • IPhone's Launch Triggers 638 Emails
    Three guesses what the new favorite email subject line now includes. It's not just Apple who's been promoting the iPhone -- many other companies are jumping on the bandwagon by mentioning the device in emails, even if it's not exactly relevant to the rest of the message.
  • More -- And Better -- Information On Blacklists
    An expert weighs in with updates on blacklist compilers and services.
  • The Generation Changes
    There is an interesting article in the current issue of Harvard Business Review entitled "The Next 20 Years: How Customers and Workforce Attitudes Will Evolve." This article speaks to the many emerging trends within the generations. I put the "email" filter on to see how each one consumes email, how its members are consumers of digital mediums in general and how they will impact our channel.
  • Scamming The Scammers
    I thought we could have some fun this week by taking a look at the practice of Scambaiting. Scambaiters are a group of individuals who take pride in messing with the heads of the so-called Nigerian Email Scammers. You know the guys: the rich princes who will send you millions for helping them get money out of the country. While it is certainly a dangerous game to play (rule one of Scambaiters is that you don't give out your real name, country of origin, or personal information, for your own protection -- these are criminals, after all) the best do …
  • Choosing The Best Day Of The Week To Email
    Which day of the week you send your emails can have a major impact on your open and click-through rates. And the choice of that day is influenced by how many emails you send in a particular week and what your competitors are doing with their campaigns.
  • Spam Violation?
    Dear Email Diva: I have received emails from a specific sender on behalf of several different companies. I have no prior relationship with the companies and am given a negative option to opt out (if I don't opt out, they will presume I want to hear from them again). We've counseled our clients against this practice, and wonder about the occasional emails we receive that seem to flout it.
  • Email Creative Critical Analysis
    How many times have you distributed email creative options internally to five or 10 people for feedback and received five or 10 drastically different opinions -- some warm, some frigid? How often have the proposed edits and revisions seemed more like hunches than informed critical analysis? And how should you respond when a colleague forwards you an email requesting your opinion?
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