• Missing The Chance To Say 'You're Welcome'
    Over the past couple of weeks data from two studies have been released, revealing an opportunity many email marketers are missing. The first was a study of the message sign-up processes by ReturnPath; the second, an industry survey that our company conducted in conjunction with the Email Experience Council, Both show that even marketers who developed creative, relevant content, great subject lines and effective segmentation strategies, neglect one of the most basic yet potent email opportunities: the simple welcome message.
  • Marketing Via Transactional Messages
    Dear Email Diva: I have an e-commerce client who is doing a complete makeover of their email program. One issue we struggled with was the definition of a transactional email and how much marketing language should be included in that.
  • Not Insightful, Just Practical
    I get continually caught up in the complicated world of online marketing, looking for all the hooks and ties to a customer experience and what really drives what. In many respects this can be a meaningful exercise, but in the world of most email marketers it's a daunting challenge. The phrase, "Think globally, plan locally and panic internally" comes to mind when I think about the email marketing teams out there.
  • Have You Tackled Your List Churn?
    As an email marketer, you probably spend a significant amount of time and energy trying to grow your email lists. But, is that the best use of your valuable resources and budget? My question has two drivers: 1) the impact of list churn, and 2) the lifetime value of customers.
  • Who Is In Control?
    Recently on the road, I've been struck by how many email marketers lament their challenges, as if they have no say in how their programs turn out. Certainly declining response rates, rising revenue goals and lack of resources and respect are real issues, and lots of marketers share the same pain. Yet, why do we feel our programs (and our success) are so out of our control?
  • Whose Email Is It, Anyway?
    The FTC-updated Sender definition is good for email recipients and good for the industry. No, the Email Diva did not figure this out on her own. Like many of you, I am still wading through the 109-page discussion of the rule changes and waiting for the Reader's Digest Condensed Version. But Matt Wise, CEO of Q Interactive, shed some light on why this is a win-win for consumers and marketers alike.
  • 9 Ways To Love Your Email Subscribers
    When customers or supporters subscribe to your email program, they are entering what they trust will be a mutually beneficial relationship. They are not sharing their personal information with you in the expectation that you will use it solely for your own pecuniary benefit. All relationships involve give and take, and this includes the most commercial of email programs. To build loyalty, engagement and trust, you must take the initiative to cement the relationship in every email. Here are some ideas for wooing and winning your subscribers.
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