• Post-Trade-Show Email
    Dear Email Diva: Is it ever acceptable to send a B2B email marketing campaign that does not include a call to action? My interactive marketing agency uses HTML email campaigns to follow up with trade show attendees, using the list provided to exhibitors. The messages are along the lines of "hope you stopped by our booth, we can help you achieve your marketing/branding goals and look forward to speaking with you soon." There is no personalization, no call to action or any links...
  • Driving Incremental Revenue
    Great theory and best practices will get you to the meeting table, yet when it comes down to measurement and performance we all have to answer to the bottom line: incremental revenue and profit. While email offers a return on investment of 40:1 (depending on which analyst you read), how do we represent incremental gains to the business and attribute these to the email channel?
  • Defy Consumer Expectations Of Email Behavior At Your Peril
    Most consumers don't read privacy policies or contest rules or any of the other fine print composed by your email and legal experts. In the absence of reading your carefully crafted legalese, consumers rely pretty much entirely on their past experiences, common sense and perceptions of how things should operate to determine if you're "following the rules." Deviate from these consumer expectations and you'll likely find yourself faced with upset customers and subscribers that opt out of your email program or angrily mark your emails as spam. Here are four fairly recent cases where I think retailers tried to go …
  • The Email Marketing Olympics
    The international community is gearing up for the summer Olympics which start Friday, and while right now media attention is focused on the air quality in China and last minute travel snafus, in less than a week the focus will shift to the numbers. At the Olympic level, athletes are world-class and the very best is often only better by a thousandth of a second, or a hundredth of a point. Every athlete however, knows which numbers count. While email marketing is by no means an Olympic sport, good email marketers know which numbers are important and focus on the …
  • To Read or Not to Read: Dynamic Design for Dynamic Content
    As your subscribers' inboxes bulge with more and more email, relevance becomes increasingly important. Creating emails with dynamic design and content is your ticket to targeting readers' diverse interests.By matching message content to subscriber preferences, you can deliver emails that feel handpicked and personal in a simple and systematic way, without draining your resources. Thanks to recent technologies, the process of building an email creative framework for dynamic content is effective and efficient.
  • There Is Margin In The Mystery
    For years, consultants held back the secrets of their trade and intellectual properties in order to drive higher margins for those services the client can't figure out. In the email marketing world, there are only a few mysteries left. Here are a few that I think are unique to the email marketing world.
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