• Take Your Program To A Higher Level With Testing
    The ability to test and track results within emails makes it a compelling marketing channel, providing the ability to continually improve on previous results and bump up that magic acronym: ROI. In the current challenging economic climate, testing isn't a process many marketers can continue to ignore -- it's become a necessity.
  • Why Aren't You Using Double Opt-In?
    My last EmailInsider column ("Email Industry Disagreements: Where Do You Stand?") touched off the start of some good debate over single vs. double opt-in (also called confirmed opt-in) that went beyond the usual arguments (list size vs. list quality).
  • Unsub Rates on the Rise
    Dear Email Diva: I'm compiling an overview of the common email metrics, specifically the performance over the last year, trends, etc. I was trying to find statistics to support the statement from this post by Lynn Terry that "unsubscribe rates are at an all-time high in the online business & marketing niches. In fact, April through June of 2008 saw some of the highest unsubscribe rates."
  • Control Groups And Email's Impact
    I thought I'd follow the Email Diva's approach this week and pose a question that was asked of me a while back and the associated response. Question: How do you really show the effect of email on the business? We track open and click-through rates, but revenues are mostly generated through store-level transactions.
  • Four Retail Email Holiday Tips
    ou can learn a lot from watching your peers, especially during the critical holiday season period. During the fourth quarter of last year, I tracked more than 3,300 promotional emails from the top online retailers through the Retail Email Blog. Based on that monitoring, the Email Experience Council has produced the Retail Email Guide to the Holiday Season to serve as a helpful roadmap to the email holiday season. Here are four tips from that Guide that will set you on the right track....
  • Do You Really Only Want To Be Average?
    Every time I speak at a conference, there is usually at least one person who raises their hand, or if there is no time for questions, they come up to me after the program and ask the inevitable question. It is not always the same question, but usually some derivative of, "What is the average ________?" You can fill in the blank with anything from open rate to click rate or delivery. I have never worked in an industry so fascinated by the concept of industry averages.
  • Email Etiquette With Miss Manners
    I didn't realize how lost I was in proper society until I read Judith Martin's "Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior." Turns out that the polite way to eat asparagus is with your fingers -- who knew? Miss Manners knew, luckily. The book is brimming with information even more useful than asparagus etiquette, too, and we'd do well to take her advice into account when crafting our email programs.
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